see you in Newcastle?

anyone running in GNR on Sunday? Need to know who to look out for whilst I'm staggering around.

I'll be the one in the URWFRC vest at the back



  • Im at the back too
    Ruthie is on my cancer research T shirt
    Good luck!!
  • Hi ND, hope you are keeping well, good luck for GNR, and also to you Benz
  • Have a good run guys, I am not running but I live fairly local so will try to say hello......
  • Hi guys
    thanks for the messages, completed it in 2 hrs 5 mins. Bit disappointed with the time but having done no training was quite glad to get round. Well done to the Lamb who ran a stonking run in under 2 hours though, great effort especially as it was quite hot.

    Got back from Newcastle at 12.15am this morning...would much rather be tucked up in bed right at this moment rather than sitting at my desk at work!

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