Plymouth Half Marathon 2013 - Any tickets going spare?

Does anyone have an unwanted entry to the Plymouth Half Marathon?

I left it too late to enter but would love to run this year.

Thank you



  • Shame faced bump.


  • The originator of this post is a genius and should be knighted.....however, he still doesn't have a Plymouth Half marathon ticket and is now resorting to some deeply disturbing measures to secure one.

    If anyone knows of a spare Plymouth Half marathon ticket I would be most grateful - and I will of course pay for it.

  • There is a place on ebay for £15.00.  Pick up only. I need two places and can't locate a 2nd so sharing the info.

  • I have my place sorted Vicky, I was also offered another - please let me know if you still need it and I will ask.

  • Having sorted out a place for the Plymouth Half, it now transpires that I cannot attend the event.

    So, if anyone would like my ticket please do contact me. Thank you.

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