Average heart rate during 5k run

Hi all, 

I'm new to running. I started running like a month ago. I do 5k twice per week at a steady pace without stopping. 

My resting heart rate is around 60-65bpm. Not sure what my max is! Nervous to find out as I heard you gotta really push it hard! 

I've got a Garmin 610, the training effect is always coming up as 5.0. My average HR is showing as 172 during my 5k runs. 

Am I to believe that I am pushing too hard even though it doesn't feel like it during and after my runs? 

My heart rate tends to go back down to around 75-80bpm 30 minutes after a run.  


  • Have a look here: http://www.runnersworld.co.uk/general/heart-rate-training-find-your-maximum-heart-rate/181.html

    You can calculate it, without a full test. I personally think that in the early days of heart rate training, the calculation is probably close enough. If, in a bit, you feel the need to do a maximal effort test, I would do it on a treadmill: you can control the effort more effectively.

  • As above image HR training is a whole different ball game imo and have recently started following the HADD plan. Not knowing your MAX HR or WHR kind of defeats the object of HR training. Do as Dan suggests then when your happy maybe go for the full on run till you throw up approachimage

    Unless you have a 200+ MHR I think your running too quickly during training (this is from a newbie btw so take it with a pinch of salt)

  • Your training effect is probably maxed because you are new to running - it takes into account how often you run and your activity class.  Someone with your stats (weight/HR/age) who ran 7 days a week would get a lower reading than you do.  I'm not convinced by Garmin's TE on the 610 (which I have) though - it gives different answers to Firstbeats software which I also have (which is what TE is based on).  It does however use your max HR - just go out and measure it, not hard to do logistically (I just beast up a 1/2 mile steep hill 3 times as fast as i can after a mile or so jog warm up) and the calculation can be *way* out for some people.  For me it is 10/12 beats too low based on most calculations I've used (220-age, or 214-(0.8xage).

  • The 610 Garmin was actually right in this case, I done some research and realised I have been over striding, causing me to use extra effort hence why the high average HR reading. 

    I have realised I can run faster with shorter strides and keep my HR just below 80% from my max. 

    I did a new PB with a shorter stride for my 5k and my workout level came down to 4.3 out of 5. And average HR was 162bpm. Beat my previous record by a minute!!  

    When comparing this data with my previous activities, I realised my average HR was around 169 so big improvement with my new found shorter strides! image

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