Recommend me some compression socks

Hi all im after some compression socks, or sleeves, I presume you can get sleeves instead so you can still wear your normal running socks, these might be better, any good ones, thanks.



  • I'm after getting some too Mark. I'd read that the Compressport ones were supposed to be ok. Bods on here had said so anyway.

    They're sleeves rather than socks, which I like the idea of as I can carry on using the same socks which I have settled on after much trial and error.
  • Thing is I run in skins tights during training and these help with  calf niggles. I run today in shorts and my calfs a bit sore, I have big calfs and  find the tights help, so presume wearing skins calf sleeves will help. Just ordered a pair from sports shoes online.

  • aldi. they cost £3.99 

  • Compress sport, brilliant, I would recommend them to anyone. Expensive but soo worth it
  • I have used red venom and find them good and much cheaper than 2xu or similar. They all seem very similar and if you can get aldi ones I'm sure they will be just as good.

    I started using when I played rugby and kept getting calf injuries. Kept using them for running and they work well
  • Why do they work though, strange isn't it.

  • Aldi ones - cheap and good.  I use them with capri shorts and cycling shorts to bridge the gap if it is cold too!

    I've got the calf guards - Compressport ones and really don't like to run in them at all. 

    2XU tights are  great!

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