quick tyre question

I have put some new wheels on my bike and pumping them up ready for tomorrow i notice that on the front wheel where the valve is the tyre seems to be a little bit away from the rim....only on one side......it is pumped up fine ......

so will it be ok for my ride tomorrow or should i let it down and try and repostion the innertube again and pump it up[ agian incase I didn't get it quite right


  • Sounds like you could be risking a pinch flat. I would try and reposition it (IMHO).

    Daft question, but is the tube the right size for the tyre?
  • yes Pudge.....the nice guy in the shop gave them to me at the same time as the tyres and wheels.......next time i will ask him to put them all together.......

    my wheels are all the same size....

    It took me ages to put the tyres and inner tubes in as i am crap at it.....which is why i'm relctant to redo...but i think i know i should and if its the same i think i should try a new innertube....

  • Yup, taking tyres off/putting them back on is a royal pain in the arse for me too. Usually results in sore fingers and expletives!
  • Yes Seren, have another go at it. A pinch flat at 30mph on the front wheel is no fun. And we quite like to hear from you now and again!image

    Personally, I push the valve moe into the tyre before seating the tyre on the rim, befoe putting the retaining ring nut thing on the valve. it just makes it that bit easier to seat and settles on inflation. Hope that make sense

  • right.....deflated and half removed the tyre and played around a bit with the inner tube......then put the tyre back on from a different angle and it seems to look correct now....

    got a 200k audax miles from home in the morning so pleased that i did redo it......


  • Enjoy your ride tomorrow!
  • Hope you don't puncture!image

  • Dustboy wrote (see)

    Hope you don't puncture!image

    SSSSHHHHHHUUUUSSSSHHHHH! Dont mention the 'p' word. Instant atraction to those pesky 'P' fairies.

    Cracking day for a long ride. Enjoy Seren.

  • Before you put the second side of the tyre on the rim always give the inner tube a slight pump up and then go around the tyre ensuring all the tube is tucked away nicely into the tyre itself. Start putting the tyre on making sure said inner tube stays in place and finish off at the valve ( sometimes not possible depending on tyre selection ). Always push the valve into the rim to ensure the tube isn't pinched near the valve. Before blowing up push the tyre slightly to the side and work your way around the whole rim ensuring none of the tube is pinched between the tyre and the rim. Blow up to correct pressure and Bob's your Uncle image

    Enjoy your ride and 5 min maximum tube changes in the future!!


  • i had a beautiful ride and didn't puncture at all in the 125 miles.i was riding with two new friends and so it might not have gone down well if i had punctured in the first 5 miles due to crap preperation.....image

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