London Marathon


I am doing the London Marathon in just over 2 weeks and have been training for 6 months and am on schedule for under 4 hours. However..
I ran my last long run on Saturday 22 miles and felt really good. I then went out on Tuesday and the left side of my shin felt stiff but could run on it. I then followed this with a short run on Thursday and it is now hurting more.
Any ideas /tips? I have had a intermittent pain when I'm running which sometimes comes on in the same area but then disappears just as quick. I had no pain on Saturday

I'm considering not running much at all in the next 2 weeks.

Any help would be great




  • thank goodness it is taper time!! Prob just reached your limits and needs time to recover ( which you have). I would rest up wouldn't test it until race day apart from a few tiny jogs if it is fine!
  • Thank for the advise. I Keep icing it.
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