Itchy toes

I have a problem with itchy toes recently. It's my 3 middle toes on each foot but only the tops of them and the skin is feeling a bit dry also but wasn't at the start. The look ok apart from when I get out of the shower when the look a little blotchy. Due to a couple of fractures I havent been out running or on the bike really so havent spent a great deal of time in the cold apart from taking the kids to XC. I've tried Canestan cream and it worked a little but didn't really get rid of it. Any idea what it could be or how to sort it ? Cheers


  • Get it properly diagnosed (GP or NHS walk-in centre). Could be athlete's foot, eczema or a number of other things. The treatment would be different in each case so you need to know what you've got.

  • go to your gp . sounds like athete's foot and if it is there are plenty of options .

  • Thanks. Now getting some itching in my legs which I've had previously but it went as quick as it came the last time. I scratch his so much that its almost raw in places so I guess it's time to see the GP.
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