VLM runner tracker

Hi, Does anyone know if there will be a way to track runners through the VLM website? I can find info on previous years but nothing for 2013. Ta


  • I'm not sure its ever worked ?
  • It did work pretty well last year, my family were able to track me on vlm site as it gave times of me crossing 5k mats, I assume they will be doing same this year so my poor wife knows how much longer she has to wait in the cold at finish for me!

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    It worked perfectly in 2010. Collected my kit bag and my mates were at the meeting point with a freshly poured cold pint of lager!
  • I think this is it, I cunningly changed the 2012 URL to 2013.


  • I wonder if anyone know where to find the tracker number for the runners?? I have downloaded the VLM app, but need a tracker number for the runners....but the runners dont even know where the number is!!!

  • Tina your one step ahead of me, I can not find the app... can someone please assit?

    I have an Iphone and done the obvious searches....

  • I'm not sure if that app is official, I think it uses your phone's GPS to track so you'd need to run with your phone. I don't think it will track time either, just your georgraphical position on the course.

  • If you go onto the settings part in the app now it gives you your tracker number to give to others with the app. Ad yep, I'm pretty sure you need to run with your phone as its a location thing.
  • Tina the tracker number is under settings... I downloaded this app last week but can't find it in the app store now.

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