First timed 5km run

Just did my first 5km timed run and did it in 31.13. Not great i know compared to most peoples standards on here, but i am really pleased with it, but i could not have run faster.

I am hoping to crack 10km in 60 mins on 26th May, but I really dont think i have enough in the tank.

In your experience should i still try to crack 60 mins or realistically just ensure I can complete the 10km in under 70 mins? I just need my plan and training to be realistic with no false impressions of my speed and stamina, so i wont be disappointed on the day.


  • Depends a bit on your training and experience? Is 5k the furthest you have run, or do you regularly run 10k type distances. Building your distance and speeding up is less likely to work than just having to work on one or the other.
  • Well done John on your first 5k! Great feeling isn't it?! And that PB feeling never changes and is why we all loving chasing one!

    Obviously sub 60 for a 10k is looking unlikely if your 5k time is 31 mins but in all honesty, just enjoy your running right now and those times will tumble with consistent training. Forget about setting yourself a hard and fast target for 10k - whatever time you get will be a PB! Just go out there and enjoy it image

  • Missing Targets is part of running. Don't let it get you down. use it as a base for the next race. That said, you have plenty of time to get some miles in; stick to the plan and see how you feel nearer the time.

    Also you have more options than 60 or 70. If you don't think you're quite up to 60 then go for 61 or 62 or whatever. Steady improvement is the key.
  • I am on week 11 of 10k plan so running regular 8.5km now, three times a week.

    I think you are all right, sub 60 is pushing it too much, I think i should look for something like 64 or 65 minutes now and then crack 60 next year.

    But who knows with 7 weeks to go image

  • roebyroeby ✭✭✭

    John I,m a little more optimistic , theres a lady who does the park run I help at over the last 4 weeks she has taken 3 mins off her 5 k times , shes under 30 mins now.Come race day you,ll go quicker anyhow , stick with that training plan and plenty of rest the week  prior to race day 

  • JindaleeJindalee ✭✭✭
    I agree with roeby. I always run faster in a race than in training and if I look at the average speed I have done in a race I wonder how I manage that. I'm fairly new to running and have trouble to keep a consistence speed over the duration of the race but what I always do is listen to my body. I have an average speed I wish to maintain for the whole race but if my body signals it needs to go slower I will and I will try at make up for it later if I still feel strong toward the end. For me enjoying the race and finish it is more important that trying to reach a specific time but obviously I still like to get a new PB image
  • Was your timed run a race or just you timing it in training?  If it wasn't a real race then you won't have had the benefit of adrenaline, people watching you and you pushing to keep up with others to help you along - even if you think you could not have run faster.

    I remember when my fastest 3 mile timed run was 31 minutes and I thought no way could I run faster - then got 2:06 in my first HM (GNR) which meant I should have been able to run 3.1 miles in just over 27 minutes.

  • Daeve, I was running on my own on the streets, using Runkeeper to keep track of my times.

    The splits were as follows :-

    KM1 - 5.30

    KM2 - 5.47

    KM3 - 6.26

    KM4 - 6.32

    KM5 - 6.54

    TOTAL TIME - 31.19 (doh 6 seconds slower now lol)

    Roeby and Jindalee, I hope you guys are right.

  • In that case it is very unlikely you could *not* have run faster in a race, you may not think so now as I've no doubt you felt like you were giving it your all, but a race seems to add 10% more energy, 20% more mental determination...etc.  Plus for a race you'd prepare/taper somewhat in the few days before so you are in tip top shape.

    The next 3/4 weeks or so will be the training you are likely to translate into fitness for the 10K (the last 3 weeks training is unlikely to translate to improvements as it takes a while to adapt) so keep it up and who knows what you can do.

    You faded quite strongly in the last 2K, so you need to work on keeping a more even pace for each Km - I'd imagine you'd have got much closer 30 minutes if you ran evenly at around 6 minutes/Km as that 30 seconds under 30 minute pace in the first Km will have cost you maybe 60 seconds in the last.  Can you get a time/pace reading every 500m to help you?

    Don't know if it's true, but I was told (on here a year or so back) every second you go out too fast you lose 2 seconds at the end - in practice I think it is not far off, especially on longer 10K/HMs.

  • I'm with the 'you will do it gang' however, as Daeve says you need to get an even pace as (like many runners) you are going out too fast. A few LSR's should help with your stamina. Is your 10k plan aimed at getting you round or running a sub 60 minutes?

  • booktrunkbooktrunk ✭✭✭
    You look like you are going out to fast to me on those times.

    My 5k history garmin Is down to 29:34 and I find a fast 1st km

    Means I won't get below 30 for 5 k try to take 5:55 to 6:10 for 1st k don't burn yourself out it's easier to run hard at the end knowing you can just stop, doing it in the 1st l knowing you have to survive another 4 is harder IMHOimage
  • booktrunkbooktrunk ✭✭✭
    Hehe Andi snap!!
  • lol Steph, beat your post by a second so that's a win for me image (but was slower than Daeve).

  • thanks for the comments. I tried it again today, probably too soon and only decided to run late on in the day. I did it in 33.07 but my pace was more equal throughout the run. I wasnt trying to go fast though, just to level off my pace and i was not prepared well for the run at all.

    I will aim for 6.00 mins first 1km and see where that takes me I think.


    Today was






    I will go for that 6.00 next time i do an intended fast run to gauge my speed.

  • I started running in jan - my first 5k park run was 33mins , I got 27:03 last Saturdayimage very pleased , I now run it much more evenly and comfortably , and don't feel like my lungs will explode

    I did my first 10k event in march in 54:34 which I think proves the point the more experienced runners/posters were making about being able to run faster on the day - you will suprise yourself

    I wanted sub 60 - I didn't take a watch - so ran as best as I could and picked up pace at 8k as I worried I wouldn't get my time

    I'm doing my first HM in June

    Train regulary , I do long slow runs on Sundays or Mondays depending on my rota , loads of advice on here for training, I'm concentrating on time on my feet rather than distance on my long runs still

    good luck , am sure you get your time
  • Nice one Curly, that is encouraging, first HM, got to say I envy anyone who can run a HM or M.

    I did 9.26km last night in 66 mins, remember 12 mins of that is walking including warmup and warmdown. I am encouraged by that hoping that my target of 1h 10mins is now probably at 65 mins. Who knows I may crack that 60 mins yet as I am now running every other day.

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