Powerjog E10

Hi all, I can get hold of a Powerjog E10 for a good price with relative ease.


I can't seem to find much about that particular model online - can anyone offer me any tips on it as I've never owned a treadmill before.


What sort of running (pun intentional) maintenance would be needed? Are spare parts easy to source if needed? Is this machine likely to last years?


Any comments from people who have any experience/knowledge on this model would be great.




  • They are solid machines, I think the E models were aimed at hospitals and rehab and the like. Still maintained by expertfitness in bridgend. I have a J100 & JX100 and they are great. Missus does 70+mph on them. Had the J100 since 2002 and the JX since 2010 when an opportunity too good to miss came my way.

  • 70 mph !! I demand a dope test !
  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭


  • Thanks for the reply, think I'll go for it then.

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