Ran in my past now need to run a 5km

Hi there, I used to run in my past (most recently did the great north run three years on the trot about 4 years ago. ) I have never done any real training for my running only running (if that makes sense) I mean I have never had a plan to follow, just ran outside when I could.

I am running the race for life in 11 weeks with a friend who is currently averaging 24 mins and is training everyday almost. I need to beat her image or at least keep up with her..

Any ideas? I haven't even run a 5km once yet so no idea how far off the pace I am but what do you suggest? run 5km as often as possible trying to increase pace or run 5km at weekends and shorter faster runs during the week? Only have 11 weeks and only have enough time to run once (or twice) at weekends and twice during the week.


Would appreciate your advice. Thanks


  • You don't need to run for a long time. I'd just try a mile or two and see how you get on. Unless you get out of he door you won't know where you stand.

    Why only three times a week ?
  • Cant advise but just wanted to say hi! Sounds like youve done a fair bit in the past. There are a number of guides (on here and off) that can get you to 5k or maybe see if there is a Park run where you live that you can join in with; apparently v friendly!

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