Absolutely Shattered



Wondering if someone can help.  1st marathon is 3 weeks away next 1 7 weeks.  Feel so drained and tired all the time, but I've got a 20 miler to do tomorrow.  If I feel so tired shall I just stop if I need to and give body time to recuperatae.  Furthest I've done is 18 so far.   Last year I did the full 20 in training, getting worried.....



Toni x


  • MartenkayMartenkay ✭✭✭

    Hi Toni

    Clearly you have done something wrong if "shattered". If you are determined to do your 20 miler tomorrow I suggest a) Have a big pasta for dinner tonight. b) Go to bed as early as you can and get a good sleep. If you do need to stop during your run, do what you will need to do in your marathon i.e. Keep walking briskly until you feel ready to run again. Carry water/energy drink.

    Remember your long run should be slow at the easiest pace you can manage. Marathon training is tiring you need to get to bed early every night for a good sleep. Food is energy so you need to eat complex carbo to keep your energy level on a high all the time.

    Two other things 1) The traditional last long run at 3 weeks is ideal for well trained runners who need a good taper to perform well. If that does not sound like you then you could do your 20 miler next weekend. 2) If this will be your first marathon what do you mean that you did the full 20 in training last year?

    All the best



  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    If you are shattered then maybe you are running your training runs too fast.

    1. What time are you looking for in the marathon?

    2. What pace are you running your long runs at?
  • Hi

    Martenkay sorry it's my 2nd marathon. I did manchester last yr and got to 20 on training. I've 2 marathons coming up Manchester and Edinburgh. It"s this that I've felt it.

    Millsey I would like to try for 4.15. Long runs approx 9.30 min miles.

    Thank you x
  • Hi Toni,

    Also doing Manchester image

    Those long runs sound quite fast. RW schedule for 4.30 are 11 minute miles! 

    Stupid q perhaps, but are you shattered from running? I spent most of today sleeping and think I'm just knackered from work!

  • Hi Helen

    I definitely think it's the running. Including tomorrow will be 48 miles this week.

    I will do it I will.....

  • Don't run your 20 if you're knackered. You've been running far too fast and you need rest more than more exertion. Your long run paces are faster than mine but I'll be racing over an hour faster than you.

    Your pace is sub 4.10. Why run at this pace if you're going for 4.30 ?

    You're meant to run slower than race pace in practice - your legs are tired from a week of running so it's just too much to run fast and long at the same time.

    18 isn't far off 20.

    You're better going in 5% undertrained rather than 1% overstrained.
  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    You are running all of your long runs at race pace. No wonder you are tired!
  • Rest, you'll only make things worse.


    I was "shattered" 3 1/2 weeks before my last marathon so took it real easy for 3 1/2 weeks. Longest run was 8 miles, the rest were mostly 4 miles and none ever faster than marathon pace. It was quite hard to stop myself working too hard as I started to feel better, but I knew it had to be done and by race day I felt good and ran a pb.

  • 48 mile max is also a lot. Just want to echo what others have been saying about speed and burning out. You will do it, but the way to do it isn't quite like this.

    I'll buy you a pint afterwards if you're up for it!

    H xx

  • Definitely HelenN.....

    Thanks for all the advice, worked a treat took it nice and slow, 20 done. Happy now. Time to relax.

    Goodluck everyone, see you in 3 weeks xxxxx
  • Check your diet particularly your Iron levels an increase in cardio exercise can leave you slightly low on iron and tiredness will follow.
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