Shampoo for swimmers

Hi all, my girlfriend asked me (honest, she did!) to ask the ladies on here what they use shampoo wise. I think she's having issues with all the chlorine. Is there a shampoo specifically designed for swimmers? 


  • There is .... IMO the best way is to make sure her hair is wet before she swims as this way the hair has already absorbed as much as it can and absorbs less of the chlorine

  • I'm finding what M..eldy said plus Aussie Miracle Moist plus their conditioner - I've had major hair problems since I've been training more this year and this combination comes closest to sorting it - or a week off swimming seems to work too image
  • I assume she wears a hat - that makes the biggest difference.

    I spend 5-6 hours per week immersed in chlorine - I wer a hat and just use normal shampoo and always conditioner.

    No probs
  • Same as Britrisky says wet hair before swim and Aussie miracle moist shampoo & conditioner works wonders.
  • Another one for wetting hair before swimming and using Aussie Miracle Moist after!!
  • There's an American product called Ultraswim, they make both shampoo and conditioner to negate the effects of chlorine. Don't think it's sold in England though.

  • I'm afraid I go expensive and use redken cleansing cream followed by clear.posture conditioner. It's fab.

  • Apologies. Clear moisture conditioner!

  • Hat plus Aussie Miracle moist stuff for me too (I just like the smell of it  imageimage

  • DF3 to be honest I've never read the ingredients! I like the smell & it works for me, but I only use it after I've been swimming. Normally I don't need / use conditioner!!

    On the basis that I know what is used in the chemical process to make ingedients like vitamin B12 (as a student I worked in a plant where they made it) I can't say I fall for marketing ploys!
  • The Evil Pixie wrote (see)

    I wear a hat and use Boots Swim and Sun (or some such name)

    +1  well my little fish daughter uses it - she swims a lot 

    i think its sea sun swim range  - they do a leave in conditioner spray too 

    a swim cap prob best though tbh  if swimming often , for colored hair my hairdresser said to wet hair, coat it conditioner first to act as a barrier first  - though am sure most would wash off in pool ? 

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