Knee pain after 6 weeks- advice kindly needed!


I am 6 weeks into my run/walk programme, and on my run Tuesday, I almost pulled up like a horse, with a pain almost 'inside' my left kneecap.

I have had issues when I was younger with this knee- dislocations, and a torn cruciate ligament which was tidied up.

I have not run since Tuesday. Some times there is no discomfort, but it can get sore and 'vulnerable feeling' when walking down stairs and up, and if I have been immobile for a little while. Best way to describe it, is that it feels like it is going to go anytime, and behind the knee and to one side is worst.

How long should I wait before running, and any particular stretches that have helped anyone here? Should I do some stationary cycling/swimming until it feels better, and gentle walks? I don't want to make it worse, especially with past history.

I also wonder whether I now need to run with a strap on of some kind from now on, or whether it will just strengthen up the more I run.

Obviously, being a beginner, I don't want to wreck my chances of running again soon, I want to make it stronger and less prone to going wrong again. Not quite sure why it went this time.

Any advice most appreciated!


  • I can only suggest you rest, ice, compress and elevate (rice?) when it is sore. I wish I could offer more help or advice but I am new to this too. 


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