Strange Hip Pain

Hi there

I've just joined the forum and am a beginner runner, but the question I most want to ask is about a episode of hip pain I had a few weeks ago.  Nothing in particular seemed to trigger it in the beginning.  When I ran, it didn't hurt.  After running, it didn't particularly hurt.  What triggered it was standing, or walking.  After about five minutes walking it was excruciating, Tesco or B&Q were impossible without finding a chair on the way round.  Washing up was delegated to the teenager. Sitting (theatre, train, office chair, sofa) was fine.  So long as I got out the door before it started, I could run fine (albeit slowly) for 15 minutes or so (and in the same trainers I was dragging myself round Tesco etc in).  I say it was in my hip but it was difficult to place the pain exactly, and the outside of the shin was hurting too, but again not so you could put your finger on it and make it better or worse.

Of course I was getting some serious stick at work for mincing round the office claiming to be in agony whenever I waited for my tea to stew, but then nipping out at lunchtime for a run.  And there was a strong school of thought that it was the running that had done the damage, running is clearly bad for you, give up the running, etc...

This lasted about three weeks before disappearing again over the course of about two days.

I am still convinced it was not a running injury but wondered if anyone here had had similar and knew what it might be? 


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