New trainers post knee injury?


Any ideas/thoughts about a good shoe post meniscus issues, please? I was totally in love with Kayano's for years but then discovered barefoot running and Nike Frees. Love the lighter/barefoot shoes and taught myself to forefoot run, but my knees do not love. I've been out of (running) action for about 9 months - (injury not solely due to running) it's been heartbreaking. But slowly starting to feel strong enough to consider getting back to maybe half of what I was doing before. (so maybe 10 miles a week at the most). I am flirting with: Mizuno Wave Riders, anything by Nike with lots of cushioning, (also read a nice review on a pair of Saucony's recently but can't remember which!) Or Brooks Pure line..I need a shoe that will support forefoot striking- I find my Kayano's don't do that very well. My Frees don't give my knees enough cushioning/support. Sincere thanks in advance for anything useful you can offer. 

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