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I'm new here. I recently finished my first ever half-marathon. The problem I'm having during the marathon and training is calf cramp. To start off, I'm have to give a brief details about my self. I'm new to long distance running, previously I've only joined 5-12km running events. I decided to join the half-marathon for a new challenge. 


I'm a type 1 diabetic for about 11 years. Means that I have to take insulin injection for every meal I'm taking; breakfast, lunch and dinner. my blood sugar glucose readings throughout the year have been amazing and under control. other sports activities i'm doing are football and weight training. Prior to my half-marathon training I've checked my body weight, which inclued BMI,  body fat, etc:

mass distribution

body cell index 59%

extracellular mass 38%

lean body mass 97%

fat mass 3%

BMI 21.8

basal metabolic rate 1691 cals

water compartments

intracellular water 72.6%

extracellular water 27.4%


tbw/lean body mass 76.1%


i provided the details just to show what can be analysed for my case. been taking protein shake in order just to increase my body fats to avoid muscle burn. can't really take too much food as it could hype up my blood sugar level. been training for the half marathon throughout 2 months doing short run, interval run, tempo run, long distance once a week. everytime i'm on long distance run eaither i maintained my pace or started to increase my pace i kept getting cramp. often resulted with salt literally coming out of my skin. mind you, while doing the long run i kept myself with enough fuel; carbs, gu gel, and water. i figured out myself run out of salt in my body doing long run. i started to use rehydration salt (mixed with water) which normally used for diarrhea, stomach problem. haven't tried it for a long run, but it works really well during my 7k tempo run.


prior to the race I've been loading my self with carbs; pasta, rice, protein shake. during the race day i had plain pasta 2 hours before the race along with the rehydration salt. i managed to check my blood sugar level reading before the race and found out that  i needed to hype it up abit just to be save for half-marathon. so i had 2 bananas, gu gell and a quarter of gatorade. then 30mins after my blood sugar level was at the savest rate for me to do the half marathon.


started up really well for the first 10k, my average pace was 6:30min/km. took a few drinks provided during the race. right after the 10k mark i decided to take another gu gel and half of the rehydration salt together with the water provided. then i started to increase my pace to 5:40min/km until the 16k mark where i cant barely handle. i had to stop so many times, the only aid i got was a cooling spray just to hold off the cramp which for me didnt really have an effect to it. i still kept taking water and isotonic drinks provided along the route until i finished the race with walking, stretching my calf, and controlling my pace and foot impact to overcome the ongoing cramp.


sorry for the long post, but can anyone help me with my situation; nutrition, should i used table salt? is my change of pace the main factor of the cramp? should i just maintain my pace? is the gel im using inadequate?


really appreciate for your reply,


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