Pain Below Knee Cap



I thought I would ask here rather than just rely on a google search. I'm competing in an event Called Tough Mudder on the 4th of May.


I was out running yday and I had a pain just under my right knee cap. It was painful and severely hindered my running. none the less, I did take a slow jog home (now I wish I had just stopped altogether). I got home, noticed it was most painful when walking upstairs and ontop of this, I had a sensitive lump come up just under the knee cap; to be specific, a couple of inches below the base of the knee cap.


I was wondering if anyone had any idea what this could be and if i'll be ok in time for Tough Mudder?




  • I have a similar problem, it actually started from swimming breaststroke and over extending my knee, and then caused loads of problems running. I'm pretty surre it's tendonitis, but my GP just told me to take ibuprofen and wasn't much help. I've noticed that the fitter I am, the less it flairs up. However, I did a half-marathon today and it was throbbing by the end. Try ibuleve gel before you run, and I'd rest if possible. If it hurts on a run I always stop straight away to prevent  it getting worse.

  • I think I have what you're describing, but I don't know what to do about it yet. In my case it is subsiding enough since Christmas to run Boston on 15th.

    It could be a thing called a tibial apophysis where too much hills or a jump in training (or indeed jumping) starts to cause the tendon below the kneecap to rip off where it joins to the front upper shin - the tibia. This junction is called the tibial tubercle and so it could also be called a tibial tubercle avulsion injury. When this happens in an adolescent it can be due to the bone not finishing growing when the overload occurs, and is called Osgood-Schlatter syndrome. You need to distinguish this from jumper's knee, which is usually the bottom edge (apex) of the kneecap. The bump is your shin's attempt to reattach properly. (It is akin to a heel-spur that can develop due to a plantar fascia in the foot starting to detach.)

    NB I am not in any way a physician so I advise you to check this out properly, because the injuries I describe can be quite severe, can take a long time to heal properly and will not really go away AFAICT.

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