Should I abandon the half marathon

I started training for a half marathon (done a few before) which is on 28th April.

Then in week 4 I got a virus and has lasted over 12 days, I've done a few recovery runs this week and its been tough. Should I abandon the race on the 28th and concentrate on another one I have in early June?



  • No reason why you should unless your virus is still thriving, it's three weeks away and if you're not new to the distance the miles will be in your legs

  • I agree - I've got a Half on the 28th too and had a horrible chest infection over the Easter period.  I'd got up to 7.5 miles but then was off my feet for 10 days.  On Sunday I did 8.5 miles - did run/walk and this seemed to work just fine.  So  go ahead - the miles will be in your legs somewhere!!!!  Maybe you won't do a spectacular time but its the taking part isnt it?!!!!

  • I've only done one so feel free to disregard my inexperienced advice, but I had a bad cold for the couple of weeks before and during my half, which meant my taper week consisted of no running at all until the day before the race, when I managed to do a gentle couple of miles around a park.

    The race day itself consisted of lots more coughing and spitting than I'd have liked to have done, but I only missed my ambitious original target time by a couple of minutes, I got around with a good time really.

    I would carry on with the intention of doing it - as a warm up for your later one, rather than flat out?

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