motivation for running

Was wondering if runners can answer this question

Motives of people who participate in running races and training preparation involved.



  • As my father was an avid long distance runner he introduced me to running at the age of 8 and once a week at his running club I would run a few kilometres with him. Gradually increasing my distance and once I was 18 I ran by myself. He taught me the value of sport, that running was a way of life, and I too now share a love and passion for running. I now have been running for 21 years, have run the South African comrades marathon twice and loved it. 

  • My motivation comes from wanting to be fit and healthy and not a fat bugger. The races keep me on my game. If I don't have a race to train for I can ease off the training and easily put a bit of weight on.

    Who wants to be one of these people that are so big they can hardly walk around, thats motivation enough for me!

  • There's a research questionnaire by Masters and Ogles which aims to looks at motivation for running a marathon specifically and they broke it down into broad categories of physical health motives / social motives / achievement motives and Psychological motives such, psychological coping, self esteem and life meaning.

    In my research project I am looking at how marathon runners can build on motivational factors to increase resilience and so beat down those negative factors that can catch a runner out.

    If you fancy taking part and you are running a marathon before Mid June then have a look for my thread on spring marathons (MSc research particpants required). Cheers.

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