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Hi I'm running my first marathon in may in Edinburgh, 7 weeks to go, and I'm looking for some new shoes to run in. I currently run in asics kayano 18's which I find ok. I roll out and therefore run on the outer sides of my feet. (? Under pronate) I thought about zoots but many of their reviews say not for runners who run a marathon outside 2:45 , and I hope for maybe just short of 4. Thanks


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    Why not just get more of the same?


  • This close to the marathon, why change? Shoes over 26 miles you have to trust them.

    I got some saucony progrid 5s at Xmas, not 100% happy with them, a bit tough on knees, and a few more aches, went back to the 3s I had last year. picked up 2 new pairs at 25 quid for safety. Friend similar with her Xmas shoes new models.

    Better the devil you know?

    Any new pair of shoes won't magically trim 5-10 minutes off your time either. There are no magic shoes,

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  • The Kayano is for over-pronation. Only the wear pattern on the forefoot will tell you if this is what you do. The Zoot shoes would be a massive change for you so a major risk. I really would recommend going to an independent running specialist and getting this sorted soon. Ultimately buy shoes on fit and feel and not a friend's recommendation or magazine review. Good luck with your marathon.
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    Jade K wrote (see)
     I currently run in asics kayano 18's which I find ok.  

    I would recommend Asics Kayano 18's.

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