Ultra room 101

I have a new game. What would you put into room 101 from ultra running?



  • Have you added poles yet? image
  • Not very PC Li i haven't met many polish runners but i'm sure they are very nice people.image

  • Now now Dill, you know the only thing pc about me is my jobimage
  • Does this make you running's answer to Charlie Brooker?
  • I can't put my DNFs in room 101, because I need them in order to have worthy adversaries. 

    Sort of like how Sherlock Holmes needs Moriarty!

  • The inevitable blistering I get on the balls of my feet any time I go past 20 miles!!!!!

  • Right foot second Toe, nail problems, bruises like a bastard and stops me training if I run a marathon, its throbbing right now after weekend 

  • "Barefoot technology"

    What a load of BS that is.

    Now rammed down our throats by Nike, Merrell etc to protect share prices.

    So Nike is going to sell me a pair of shoes and charge me twice as much for a shoe that has half the materials, build cost, cushioning and technical design?

    Either way how can barefoot technology be barefoot if I have a pair of over priced  shoes on!

    Am I the only one who thinks this is utter BS?

    Worse still, we now have endless numbers of barefoot running fan boys preaching this BS to the world like it is some of new religion.

    Passing/ramming down peoples throats hearsay research that they read in a book (Born to Run?) or in a magazine. Blindly believing every point as fact.

    I am not saying that minimal shoes are wrong and that cushioned shoes are right. I believe in factual science and accurate research (of which little to none has been provided) and I hate to see Joe public getting ripped off by corporations blindly believing this garbage and hand over their hard earned cash.

    The barefoot "fashion" (lets be honest that is what it is!) was the large trainer manufactures answer to being called out on the whole over, under, through pronation BS that research *has* proven is also utter BS!

    Rant over image


  • Ditto that..

  • Man.... you really mean it Gav.....

    But I still like the words of Barefoot Bob... (I think), "Think of it (barefoot running) as planting an orchard; not fast food!".

    Where would we be without such words of wisdom?

  • Not stoned? image

    Barefoot Bob doesn't exist you know.  He was invented by a guy called Rob who works in the Vibram's marketing department.

    Ok I made that up but still.... Vibram five fingers are nuts. I saw a guy at mile 60 of the Lakeland 100 in a pair, they were all f@~ked up and falling to pieces and the guy looked like he wanted his mummy. He was clearly in so much pain. Trying to scramble up the rocky fell.


    I bet he was cursing Barefoot Bob over and over in his mind as I skipped past in my luuuuurvly overly cushioned, "incorrect" footwear.


  • As f****d up as they guy who tried to run a road half marathon barefoot.....? and I mean barefoot! Did not even get halfway.... Plonker....!

  • running tights.

  • Ultra distance track races.

  • I always like the question 'what shoes for barefoot running'

  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭
    WiB wrote (see)

    Ultra distance track races.

    +1 !!! i am never ever doing anything like that image

  • Sausages or any sort of pastry at aid stations.

    I love em both but about a mile further down the trail i'll get horrendous heartburn and regret it so much.

  • Diet coke at aid stations. 

    Do they think we are concerned about our figures?

  • Haha, never seen diet coke at an aid station Ben...! Where as that?

    Worrying about the weather before a race. We will have weather, that is a guarantee, what more info do you need? Get the pointless checking into room 101!

  • You know what, I can't even remember now!

    I think it is a safe rule that aid station food should be as bad for the waistline as possible.

  • It was Pepsi Zero and since it was an mistake (can't get the staff) I will not embarass the RD further by mentioning where (I believe the OP knows the gentleman involved ;-! ).

    Can I add the arbitary nature of UTMB qualifying points?  e.g. Thames Path Challenge (100K in 24 Hours) 2 UTMB Points V. Thames Path 100 (100 Miles in 30 Hours) 2 UTMB Points - and I've seen others, because the UTMB masters-of-race-organisation only say 'finish within the qualifying time'!

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