payment probs for event and ? fraud /coincidence

when i tried to pay online for st albans HM , i had 3 failed attempts , error message  - and blocked by my bank  - i paid using a different account 

since then i have been contacted by my bank  - i assumed to verify the attempt of paying - but i had had 3 attempts of online purchases from abroad  which were blocked - no money left my account 

it could be coincidence - as 7 days apart  - i  am curious if others have had problems following online payments for an event and how secure their systems are image

my account stopped obviously and pending reissue of card - slightly inconvenient - luckily i had done food shopping 


  • Interesting.

    I had fraudulent activity on my Credit Card a few days after entering the Notts AC Easter 10k, but with plenty of other purchases on the card at around the same time I didn't really make the link. I have a feeling the first attempt to pay for the race may have failed for me as well now I think back.

    The inconvenience for me has been less as it was Credit Card rather than bank account, but a pain in the backside and a bit unsettling all the same.

  • Interestingly I had problems paying for a hotel in the UK with my credit card and they phoned to check it was me.  The chap I spoke to said that sometimes the problem is with the website you are paying if the sale doesn't go through properly it fails so to speak.  It is interesting tho' that I'd just come back from Tenerife - hadn't really thought there could be connection, although I've not had any fraudulent transactions.

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