Starting from scratch...

Just wanted to say hello and see if there are any newby runners out there who will join me in the journey!

I'm 43, female and having lost 7 stone+ now want to start running.

I've briefly had a bash in the past but overdid it in the initial stages so was injured but also need a goal so have signed up for a 1/2 marathon in Oct. Meanwhile, will do 5k & then a 10k in August. I

'm resisting the temptation to buy an expensive watch (like I did last time!!) and just using a c25k (free from apple) prog, my nike+ band and trying not to think too much about 13 miles!!

Anyway just wanted to say hi!



  • "Hi" back image

    Firstly BIG CONGRATULATIONS on your weightloss!!!!

    So, what happened to your old 'new' watch? Still got some 'proper' shoes? C25K is a great way to start and don't be put off if you need to re run a week if things get hard.

    IMHO a HM in October is a big ask but am sure you'll be fine if you put some of your weightloss determination into your training.

    Sometimes this site can be a bit daunting with all the speedy people but find a couple of newbies (like me) and we can learn togetherimage

    I started running last july and my LSR today was 10.43 miles - the furthest I've ever run. Get your C25K completed then we can get your mileage up and do some HM Training image


  • Hi Myecclecticlife

    I'm 42 and female and have been running since the new year after an idle suggestion by a colleague.  I'm up to 2.5 miles which is the distance of our village fun run at the end of June.  I ran it last year with no practice at all under a Social Obligation (called being a Beaver Scout leader) so am aiming to improve my time and be able to walk afterwards!  I'm going to -gulp- join in a Park Run this weekend... it's 3.1 miles right, I can always walk the last 600m!  I have told the mother in law I'm going to run the local half marathon next March - need to lose some weight before then!

    I ran some on a treadmill this evening to give my new shoes a proper test.  It was horrible!  Hot, headache, sweaty!  Not doing that again!

  • oo thanks for replies!! Apologies but not getting all the terminology!! HM I have..LSR - longest short run?! Regardless looks like youre making good progress!

    Well done Andi!How often are you running? I know that 1/2 marathon is a big ask but being an all or northing kinda girl need some mad motivation! Plus have been amazed at how supportive people have been,.even though they do think Im bonkers!

    Mad for morris go for it! I am going to do a park run soon but trying not to run before I can walk if you know what I mean! Its 5k I think but a friend did it and said they're relaxed affairs. Look forward to hearing how it went! Apparently its good to run on soil rather than pavements. Are you doing a programme?

    As for the kit I have a good pair of asics trainers, scaffold type sports bra and had my gait analysed! I used to have a Garmin but sold it years ago to a guy who used it (& still does!). Im quite happy with my basic Nike + as nice and simple ...running GPS was a bit above my technical abilities but may try again one day. For now this is fine! Look forward to hearing how youre getting on!

  • LSR = Long Slow Run so you were close image

    I've just started HADD training - basically running to your Heart Rate rather than pace and have slowed down (didn't think that was possible lol) and increased my distance. My aim is to run 7 days a week but it's not that easy and was just shy of 30 miles this week.

    You should have fun at the Parkrun and yes they are relaxed affairs but with proper timing so you can gauge progress under race conditions image sadly there isn't one near me so never run one.

    Good luck and be sure to update us all during your C25K image

  • I'm also running a half in Oct. I started running in January and it's amazing how far you can come. I started with the C25K app, but only did it for a few weeks as I then I joined a club. If you have one near you I would highly reccommend this, their support is invaluable and is really great at motivating. I ran my lost distance ever at the weekend, 10 miles. I never would of thought I would be able to say this. I managed this by using a walk run strategy and it really works, so you could always look into using something like this. Good luck and keep me updated image

  • October is achievable,especially as you have managed to lose so much weight so your stamina and mental toughness is obvious image

    Look for a training plan,there are plenty on the web and this site and start off easy,Parkrun is a great way to start also running clubs as a possible option image

    Good luck with it,you will get more advice when your training starts in earnest the main thing is try to enjoy it as all runners have good days and bad,image

  • Hi Myecclecticlife,

    I too have just started runign this year.  I've gone through the C25K programme over the fistr few months of the year and have now signed up for a half marathon in September and have started a plan to get me ready for that. I did my first parkrun at the weekend, my first run actually with people which was great fun.  Looking forward to the journey!

  • Hi all

    Thanks for the replies and encouragement! I woke yesterday with stiff bum and by end if day hips were aching but a collegue showed me a good streatch and that helped. Shins a bit achy today so instead of a run will go for a swim on the way home. Can anyone reccomend some good streatches pre/post run - tried and stested. There are so many variations there that its a tad overwhelming!

    I have been thinking about a club but last time I tried that overdid it and ended up injured so will stick with the C25K for the mo. Great to know that with perseverance that it can be done! Also good to know that there are others who are also starting with me! Will def try the park run as they are free and a good way of logging improvements plus meeting others in a relaxed environment.

    I also dont want to do loads for sponsorship as will save that for the 1/2 marathon when I want to get significant money for stroke association...

    Thanks also for the positive comments; its been a "bit of a year" with weight loss as had my stimach stapled, then got gallstones so just had to have emergency gallbladder removed and sometimes it's easy top forget how far Ive come! Long way to go but good to be on the journey.

  • I'm aching too in my calves - ran 2.5 miles twice last week then went for 8 mile bike ride on Saturday and Morris dancing on Sunday plus another 1.5 miles on the treadmill, and 1.5 mile run yesterday.  Think it was the dancing that did for me, felt so fit I danced everything but forgot the muscles used are rather different!!  Now have to decide, with Park Run on Saturday, whether to do 3.1 miles Wednesday night just so I know I can do it, or 1.5 miles with colleague on Thursday!

  • mad for Morris your schedule makes me tired just reading lol!! Did 10 lenghts (good ones as oppsed to arty farty ones!!!) today and off for session two of c25k need to investigate though re streatchin etc...seems core is paramount? shins achy today but eased by the do you know the difference between achy normal having not excercise vs abnormal pain I wonder?


  • Hello!  I'm another newb, I'm just at the beginning of week 4 of C25k, had a really good outing this morning, though I was a little apprehensive.  And I'm trying not to think about day 3 of week 5!

    I'm stretching properly, just basic ones for hips, calves and lower back, but so far I'm pain free and without shin splints - the odd bit of stiffness but nothing unexpected.  This is new as stupidly I used to skimp my stretches and suffer quite badly.  I've learnt my lesson there!

    I've lost 3.5 stone in the last 18 months so I'm halfway to where I want to be, it might take me another 18 months, it might not, but I'm working on it.  I use My Fitness Pal and a Fitbit which do me fine for the moment.

    I've started a couple of times before, and because I've always given up before I'm still in my first pair of shoes which are about 12 years old now!  They're New Balance 715s and are still really supportive, bouncy and comfortable.  I like looking at new shoes though!

    I need to do some other exercise and am going to get my bike 'fettled' in the next few days, it needs a seasonal tune-up.

    Oh and I'm 48 image how the heck did that happen?!


  • Myecclecticlife wrote (see) do you know the difference between achy normal having not excercise vs abnormal pain I wonder?

    Telling the difference between achy normal and abnormal is a good question.  I think if it's achy, doesn't stop you running and dissipates once you start then it's ok, if it's painful and restricting movement maybe it's not??  


  • bookworm-airhead - you are NOT to give up this time!  There, be told.  Alternatively, think of a really gorgeous bloke (or woman) you would like to hold a casual conversation about running with if you ever met him/her, and imagine him/her disappearing over the hill in front.

    Today I improved my 2.5 mile time by over half a minute.  But now I am waiting for breast clinic appt to have a lump looked at, which is annoying and could slow me up a bit depending what they do to me.

    I wish I could lose weight, I am running (OK jogging) ever faster and longer and weigh exactly what I did a month ago and before you say it the machine has handles to measure your fat and it says I am FATTER!

  • Bookworm I know what you mean re the trainers; Ive always had asics as when Ive tried ones on in various shops they have been way more comfy. Re your old trainers it may be worth replacing though as the rubber looses elasticity over time and my first parie (bought last "try!!") were 3 years old but compared to the new ones had noticeby less bounce. Like you Ive tried and stop started but feels different this time.

    Went for session two of the C25K last night and felt that I  ran harder but my breathing was also easier and Im less achy today. Prob go for a swim this eve on way home as do find that really helps loosen my hips up as they get very tight. Also noticing a change in body shape even though its early days...unfortunately with loosing so much weight there's loose skin that goes all over the place!!

  • That's me told Mad4! image

    I'm going to reward myself with new shoes when I get to the end of C25k - in about 5 weeks I suppose!  I'll go to the local running shop for a proper gait analysis and see what they suggest.

    Yes, it does feel different this time - just as my weightloss thing has been different.  I've never stuck to sensible eating (don't want to say 'diet') so long or consistently before, but then I've never had so much weight to lose before I suppose.  Either way, I've got determination from somewhere and it's sticking!


    Did day 2 of week 4 today and I think I accidentally stuck an extra round in - I paused at the traffic lights and then think I went back a step so I went over 4k today but it was ok!  Which reassures me for the step up next week...

  • Yay well done you bookworm! Thats a milestone! good idea to get gait analysis as you change posture along the way so what may be right last time may be different.  

    Was going to swim last night but was shattered but then ended up staying up till 1 as got hyper! Will either run or swim on way home although feeling quite sick the the moment image Serves me right!...

  • Well done all on the various bits of weight loss and running progress!

    I too have lost a lot of weight in the last year. I started running back in December (first outdoors run 22/12, I'd done 5k on a treadmill before), and did my first half on March 17th, so it is possible to build up in a fairly short amount of time - but that was possibly a bit silly and I did hurt my knees a bit doing that.

    Is the October half you have planned Birmingham? If so, I'm doing that one as my second ever half this year.

  • Nicky - was the 17th March Stafford?  That's the one I've told my mother in law I'm going to do next year!

    So excited, kids have gone to their dad's, Park Run tomorrow morning!

  • Well done nicky! Do you log your runs to keep track? Wondered if there is a good programme for this, pref to include option to add swimming in?

    Did my run this eve but it was HARD going; legs felt like lead, managed to do it but didnt "feel" as good, possibly because tired and hormonal image Stupidly didnt go to bed until 1am and paid for it today.

    The run I am doing (10k) is Cardiff Nicky ..mostly flat ground thankfully! Dont know how you went from nowt to a half in the months!! Did you train daily? Impressed but dont thnk I would manage that.

    I lost weight (this time!) after having a gastric bypass (stomach stapled) last March (2012) having tried every diet under the sun and having been overweight all my life. Lost 8 stone 9 ish since the op but a long way to go! Bypass comes with its own issues as cant have too much sugar or fat as get whats called "dumping" - a bit like what the runners trots sound but can be refuelling during a race will need some research! Thankfully seeing dietician next week so can ask his opinion!

  • Hope you get something sorted for refuelling, M.  Slow release carbs I guess!  Well done for doing your run when you didn't feel like it, there's a big mental element isn't there.

    I did my first parkrun!  Was hoping for 32 minutes something based on what I can run 4km in, and got 30min 36sec.  Can't believe I can run that far!  Felt a bit daunted at the start with all the bright pink lycra around me doing stretches most professionally... and unsure what to wear as it was bright sunshine when I set out and fog at the venue! In the end I kept my fleece on then tied it round my waist, and fell in with a nice lady for a while but she got away from me in the last half mile or so, anyway as we ran past the finish area the second time she lobbed her fleece over so it was waiting for her afterwards - good idea!  It's silly little practicalities like that which get me fretting.

    Would definitely recommend it - all very friendly and marshalls shouting "well done" as you trot past.  And Telford Park has roaring dinosaurs as a bonus which made me giggle!

  • Will be ok...suspect that it may be sommat like nuts, raisins etc Got a variety of gels to try along the way!

    Well done for the parkrun! I have a couple near me; Cardiff (track) and Newport which is more country/grass and may try both..variey and all that! Got some  new headphones as last ones falling out and these go round your ears so they dont fall off! Feeling a bit delicate today after mohitos and wine last night! Going to have a snooze this afternoon in the hope that Ill feel better and up for the start of week 2!

  • I did week 5 day 2 this morning - and the next is a run of 20 minutes with no stopping!  GULP!!

    What I don't quite 'get' is this: the escalation in week 5 is quite intense, from 5 minute sections on day one to 20 minutes all in on day three - and yet week 6 is the one that everyone dreads.  I don't quite see how the splits in week 6 are harder than going from run 8/walk 3/run 8 to run 20 minutes.

    I'm finding the prospect of run 20 far harder to mentally achieve than run 10, walk, run 10...

  • well done bookworm. Have yet to start week two as swam today, will run tom, Fri and poss Sat as wasnt feeling great earlier in the week....dodgy tummy which I suspect was after the weekend so seriously thinking about a wine ban for a while...

    Well done re getting to week 5! Does sound like a big leap in I havent done it/have no idea what Im doing not sure what to suggest other than maybe do what you can and if you need to repeat the week so that you feel more confident? Anyone got any good suggestions?!!

    Have signed up for Park run and emailed them as not sure Im ready; am happy to do it in slow time but need to listen to iphone so to know when to walk and when to run and they discourage that...

    How are others doing?

    I tried a gel pack before my swim and it was ok so test 1 gel done!

    Still reeling from the Boston Marathon as found it upsetting...probably because starting makes me realise what an amazing achievement it will be for people (especially those who were running their first) and cannot imagine, as a runner, having your legs blown off...

    How you doing Morris and others this week? Am I the only one who needs to have a wine ban?!! Dont know if its excercising but now when I drink it really does make me feel rubbish...maybe to do with dehydration?

    Have had by first sponsorship of my 1/2 marathon!! Very exciting!

  • I don't drink much mainly because I am the only adult in the household.  Ideally not more than once a week do I have a small bottle of beer or a carton of wine.  A couple of months ago I was drinking more than that, I think increasing distance recently has lessened my appetite for the booze... once you get on that cycle of running more, drinking less, feeling better, being able to run more...

    Took my colleague out for a 3km run but we had to walk up "killer hill" - she asked to stop but I'm not sure I would have made it even if she hadn't.  Will run Thurs evening I think and back to the park run on Sat.  I don't like running two days in a row!

    My (very old) digital watch has a timer countdown on it, simple press button three times you get an alarm in five minutes, can you get something like this to time your running and walking at the park run?

  • Mad Morris I dont know if its the lost sweat but found last week that wine made me feel rubbish...well done on "killer hill" sounds like where my office is but no way I could run it...hard enough walking up it!

    Did most (but not all) of my day 1 wk 2 run today...hard going as was cold, tired and we left later than planned. Was going to run tom but think Ill do it on sat and maybe do the park run...not 100% decided as still worried that its a bit much so far on but have printed my barcode just in case!Will have a think re timings...could just wear a watch lol!! or read my nike + manual again!

    Off to bed in a mo...pooped!


  • Good luck when you get to do parkrun, I'm going to do it in a couple of weeks I think.

    One thing for the iphone splits, you know it vibrates as well as gives you a vocal cue?

    I discovered this when I had to put it in my bra as the pockets in the jacket I was wearing didn't have zips! So you could just put it next to your skin and run/walk when it vibrates! image

    When I did week 2 I could never have seen that a few weeks later I'd be looking at running for 5 minutes, let alone the 8 I did yesterday or the 20 I'm supposed to do tomorrow...

  • hello all, thinking about doing a park run soon, so is it headphones/music they discourage?
  • From what I've read, yes, they discourage.  They don't say you can't, but they prefer it if you don't, because it's all about getting together with other people and enjoying the atmosphere...

  • OHMYGOODNESS!  I only did it!

    I jogged for 20 minutes without stoppin!.  And it wasn't so bad - I read a few threads for best tips and broke it down into 4-5 minutes chunks - basically told myself it would be 5 songs' worth!  And it was good, at no point did I think "I can't carry on", it was hard, as you'd expect, but it wasn't impossible!

    I am chuffed to bits and very proud of myself!

  • YAY GO BOOKY!!! Very proud of you! Genuinely chuffed for you as know what an achievement that is so well done you xx

    Last night was not great for me; ear ache, boobs not sufficiently scaffolded, cold and just not swam 14 lengths (Im upping it by 2 each time I go) and hoped that my aching knee would feel a but looser but didnt so tomorrow will be a rest day I think...will see.

    Re the parkrun/headphones I asked and they discourage it as you cant hear marshalls etc plus it can be a bit unfriendly & part of the ethos of parkrun is community from what I can see.  For me creates a bit of an internal struggle as, like booky, find music is a great way to push through each song and distract myself from the running itself!!

    I have a new wine strategy..I should clarify as sound like a right alcoholic but Im not-just cant eat sweets/chocs/take away etc due to my bypass so, with the exception of a nice bubble bath, there are few things that remain a "treat" so a wee dram is mine. Problem is that psychologically once Ive opened a bottle of wine I loathe leaving it so have got the mini bottles so can have a glass without that "well theres only a glass left...might as well!!"

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