Starting from scratch...



  • Thank you!  I am still slightly stunned that I did it.  I'm going to drag my bike out tomorrow and probably ride it over to the bike workshop for a tune-up, the gears were very clicky and not shifting cleanly last time I rode it.

    Then I will walk home which is just over 1.5k.

    Yes, the music distraction is great thing for me, I've been making a playlist of songs with good pace that I love - mainly disco! - and running without that will be odd to say the least!

    Treats is a good point, I try not to do food-based rewards because I want to move away from investing food with an emotional weight...I am going to treat myself to new shoes when I've completed C25k, but until then treats are things like magazines.

    I did just buy new earphones though!

  • I did my second parkrun today!  Took the kids with me, they disappeared off to the playground and didn't watch me start, let alone finish... and just before the start I looked down and realised I had my everyday trainers on instead of my nice proper running shoes, so now I have a blister... but I beat last week's time!

    Now to see whether I get another swarm of migraines like last week.  And WHY do I go so red in the face when I run?  My eldest kept remarking on it for ages afterwards, even though I get my breath back really quickly and legs feel fine, I look like I've been out in the sun too long!

  • ywell done mad4morris ...inspirational!! xxx Didnt go for run or swim today but may next week depending on how i feel...will keep you posted image

    Re migraine I suffer from them and dehydration can play a part, esp with running as more lost can certain foods, hormones etc...

    Does it matter how we look when we run? That said, like you I feel self conscious & worry that I look a fat,  weeble, numpty but have been able to push through that to "who gives a ..."

    In terms of people who may comment negatively my thinking is; while I may have a fat belly/big bum (remember Ive just lost 8 stone & there is definate hang/apron of matter how much I excercise) and Im taking positive action with each step to make me healthier...some may comment but another part of me thinks while they may look good outside they clearly arent happy inside to have to be so end up feeling sorry for them...maybe its just me?

    Am v excited as just booked first holiday for years...our own villa in turkey with own pool etc...last week August & cant wait!


  • I know I am still massively overweight and I look it but I haven't heard any negative comments though I daresay people are thinking them as I lumber past!

    If I did hear remarks I would probably ignore them and then spend the rest of my run thinking up all the barbed replies I should have made!  And internally insulting their intelligence and sexual prowess!

  • I'm not so bothered how I look as such, just that I look like I've been really struggling because I go so red.  So my colleague who somehow manages to get dressed much quicker than me skips back into the office before me looking fresh as a daisy and then everyone expresses concern that I'm about to keel over when I come in, and for half the rest of the afternoon. 

    Couldn't go for a run today, had a biopsy done at the breast clinic and was advised not to.  Couldn't go last night - knew after a few paces that the blister was going to hurt too much.  MUST go tomorrow!

    If I see  a very overweight person out running I just think jolly good for them.  Anyone who passes derogatory comments is a lowlife and deserves to tread in dog poo.


  • Just back from catch up run..did one last night & this eve so officially shattered but pleased Ive caught up with myself from the missed one last week!

    Gradually feeling less self concious but its going to take time and simple fact for me is that I care less and less what people a couple of smiles as I went round the lake but the peope here dont always nod; although one guy said "its hard work isnt it!" & smiled as we passed each other!

    Now on week 3 of c25k...felt it in my lungs today but it was a slight uphill slope in parts!

    How did you feel after Parkrun morris?


  • Well done for "catching up"! I'm terrible for letting it slide.  I feel fine after parkrun.  It's how I keep going, by telling myself "you'll be fine afterwards, you know you will, just keep going!" maybe I should therefore push a bit harder but there's plenty of time!

  • gets me through but will have to suss how to get my music done so I miss the ones I dont like; am a bit crappy on itunes as very new and dont want to pay for more!! Rest day today...woke at 5am with sore knees but think yesterday was my longest run. Am going to stay with best mate who is doing the 1/2 marathon with me so we will go for our first run (ever!!) which will be interesting! Plus some shopping time too!

  • It's music that helps me too!  After today (w6, d2) from now on it's constant runs with no walking breaks at all and I tell myself it will be x number of songs which gets me round.  I did my best distance this morning and towards the end of my 2nd run stage I even sped up a little!

    My legs were tired this morning and to be honest I was a teeny tiny bit hungover after going out to the theatre last night, but I did it and I'm glad I did!

    Mad4, I always end up scarlet in the face, but I take it as evidence of how hard I'm working!  

    And my breathing is improving a lot, I read a thing last week that said the heart is really effective at getting stronger very quickly and it seems to be the case with me, my heart is working alright but it isn't thumping like it's about to burst out of my chest and I'm not gasping for every breath anymore, it's my legs that are feeling it but there's more of them and they take longer to get stronger...

  • It's amazing to look back and think "a month ago I couldn't even jog round the block and now I can do it and not look like I'm about to pass out" amazing how far you've come.  Or even "100 yards ago I thought it just wasn't the night for it and here I am still moving forwards and both feet off the ground wow I'm running!" Here's to progress!

  • tis amazing indeed! well done both image

    Managed to do my run today despite migraine this am. Decided to have a change of scenery and drove to a local marina (and part of 1/2 marathon route) which took a while as rushhour...looked stunning, only problem was I didnt have any money for the parking!!!!!!!!!! Bit more planning needed and small change in the car as well as a vague idea of good routes! In the end drove home and did a run from here; once again forgetting to start the nike +!! Week 3 day 1 done! 3 mins of running ...boy did I feel my lungs then!

    Just got a really good running book "how to run" by Paula Radley

    bit gutted to post that - mine was £14.99!! which looks great as goes into detail about everything- down to anatomy of a shoe, mental goals, things to aim for, excercises etc..

    Looking forward to seeing best mate; not least of all cos were going for a spa with massage!! yum!

  • Well done Eclectic!  I bet there are loads of people who would have got annoyed and self-sabotaged by not running after all!

    Tomorrow is my w6, d3, the start of all my runs having no walking breaks at all, beginning with 22 minutes.  I know I can do it because I did 20 minutes only a week ago...but I am still a bit OMG image at the propect.  I find it a little hard to believe that I am capable of this and of improving, but I am, I've gone further and better than I ever have before in all the times I've ever started exercise.

    It's the same with the healthy eating and weightloss (I don't use the word diet, diets are temporary, this is for ever!) I've stuck to it consistently for 18 months and I've never ever done that before.

    I don't know where all this motivation has come from, it's not the mindset I understand, but whatever and wherever it's from, I'm glad!

    Enjoy your spa Eclectic, I bet it will be lovely!

  • Did day 3 of week 6 and jogged for 22 minutes without stopping!  And at the end I was red and hot and a bit tired, but I wasn't gasping for air like a landed fish and I wasn't utterly wiped out as I managed a short bike ride to the bike shop and then walked back.

    It's been a very active day, and I'm going to have some pizza!  It's not a reward, as I am trying not to emotionalise food or to give it reward/treat status, I've worked hard and have the earned the calories!

  • well done booky; you are an inspiration for me as at this stage easy to think Ill never improve...three minute run almost killed me last week!! xx

    Have done nowt running run this wk; will try another tom but felt rubbish last couple days and think I need more protein and less carbs (the joys of gastric bypass)...also had a massage (and need a trip to osteopath) which released lots of toxins but loosened shoulders. Bath spa was lovely but discovered not v good at doing nothing!!

    Morris and others how you all doing? Am I the only one who finds it very up and down?

  • Gosh, thank you Eclectic!  Seriously, if I can do it, you definitely can.  And I would advocate the protein, I've discovered that protein fills me up far better and for longer than carbs.

    Oh I'm still very up and down, sometimes I feel like I'm flying along and others it's just hard, hard, hard!

    And I still vividly remember my first day, it was so tough running for a minute and then another minute and another...I am amazed that I have got to this point, I didn't think I could.

    I was talking to the husband yesterday - I should mention that I am a total Mr Toad, I get crazes and interests and hobbies all the time - anyway, he said that thought that I would give up after a few days, but I haven't and he is proud of me for what I've done so far, which is rather nice!

    Weirdly, I find I am looking forward to my next run!

  • I went for a run on Thursday night and felt brilliant, like I was flying, got back in and looked at the time and it was rubbish!  Did parkrun today and fought all the way round it behind a lady in a purple jacket who only got away from me in the last few yards, and bettered my time by eight seconds (would have been minutes slower if I'd gone at Thursday night's pace).  So yes it's a bit up and down!  Two thirds round the first lap I am having longing visions of myself dropping out when I get to the finish for the first time.  Luckily I hit a sort of daze and don't wake up til I've gone past it!

    Keep at it evryone!

  • Well its been a bit of a week with 2 runs...felt frustrated as felt rubbish yesterday and not sure why; had a deep tissue massage Fri (lovely spa day at Bath spa with best mate who is doing the 1/2 with me) but felt v sick/ikky and generally fluey so just chilled yesterday.

    Went for "run" today but it was awful; rang the Cardiff barrage which was VERY windy, cold and not helped by leaded legs (am I the only one who gets this?), ear ache (even with a hat on) and the barrage being lifted (ie you have to wait while boats go through...very slowly.. before you can continue!)..on the plus side I went even though didnt want to...morris really want that feeling right feeling but also understand that you cant have good runs all the time...sometimes just gotta put one foot in front of the other! Today, for me, was one of those days...

    Booky not sure onthe Mr Toad reference? I also love hobbies and have a tendency t o buy everything related to the hobby and then get fed up...currently resisting the urge to get a sat nav watch lol! My nike + doing fine and also have it on my ipod so screaming "NO" at myself!! Also because too many stats can also addle the brain lol!

    Also just signed up for the 10k at Laycock in August...had psychological wobbles today as just couldnt get going and wondered how I will ever manage a half marathon...wondering whether a running club is worth a try but unsure. Anyone else tried one?

    Back to work tomorrow after a lovely (albeit lazy!!) long weekend! Hope to get some kind of routine going...


  • But you did, however hard it was, you did it!

    The leaden leg thing when every step feels like your legs weigh a ton?  I get that!

    The Mr Toad thing is from Wind in the Willows - Mr Toad gets a new hobby, has to buy everything relating to it, usually top of the range, then gets bored very quickly and moves on to the next thing!  Our house is littered with half-finished knitting, needle felting, magazines about knitting and other bits of crafty projects.

    I am currently resisting the urge to buy new clothes and a heart rate monitor and and and!  I have promised myself new shoes when I complete C25k as mine are ancient.  But I have temporarily satisfied myself with downloading some apps to play with and that is feeding the complusive urge at the moment! 

    I'm taking a 2 day break between days 1 and 2 of week 7, it was really hard yesterday and I was knackered and felt a bit sick at the end so I'm giving myself a nice rest, plus I'm going to London early tomorrow so I won't have time anyway.

  • Another newbie runner here - just wanted to say thanks for the motivational thread!

  • aww hello Kimberlee!! Welcome aboard; the more the merrier and youre most welcome! Where are you at running wise?

    Ive just been looking at running clubs and quickly realised that, for now at least, they are no for me as say in the blurb that they run 7 miles (yes people I did say 7 MILES) so for a newby like me waaay too much but may consider it later. Unfortunately Im not that competitive and would give up so will reconsider when Im doing better.

    Pleased its not just me with leaden legs! Awful feeling and not one Ive experienced before! Now I get the Mr Toad like that and also have a house littered with crafty things, violins etc!! Am getting better at not doing it as know (a) it will end up at car boot & (b) Doesent make me happy wool I do use though as crochet lots blankets!

    Right back to work. Off for swim after work and really looking forward to long weekend thats coming!

  • I'm going to try and see my local running club this evening - as it's just over the road makes sense to pop in (it's all dependent on getting home from work in time). But as you say, the default distances are just a little far for me at the moment. Otehr things I've done is entered the London Marathon Lottery. And remembered to bring in clothes so I can attempt a run into work tomorrow - or at least a part run. Will be getting off the train a few stops early so I can run along the Thames Path allt he way to the office

  • Well that's me out for a while, my knee was feeling kind of funny yesterday, like it wanted to click, then this morning it did click but still just felt funny.  I've just set off for a run and got a hundred yards before pulling up in some pain and virtually having to hop back to the house.  If I walk on my toe with my knee bent it doesn't hurt too much.

    Time for a rest!

  • Oh that sounds ouchy Mad, I hope it recovers quickly and isn't painful...

    I'm going to walk lots tomorrow - 2 miles to the station, then when I get to London I'm going to walk from Liverpool Street to the British Library which is just over 2.5 miles and in the evening I'll walk home from the station which is a lot of uphill.  I should do around 7 miles of walking tomorrow, which won't be too bad.

    It will help balance the nice lunch I am planning to have with my Ma!

  • Heloo Rachel! Welcome image Well done for getting going. Would be interesed to hear of your experience of running club image Keep posting! Looks like were getting a nice wee bunch of newby runners image

    Oh no morris image no likey. Ive been reading my two running books (Paula Radcliffe-excellent and deffo reccomend) and Run for life (not read enough to assess yet but will post back) and the most important elements seem to be; good trainers, not overdoing it at the start and if in pain need to find out why and DO NOT keep running if there is pain...better to rest, elevate and use ice pack...even though its frustrating much better to rest up. How about a swim/walk or weight training session instead? also would be worth looking on here for advice or experiences of same?

    I planned to do swim on way home but late visit didnt finish until 6.30 and knee has been a bit niggly today so going for a run tomorrow after work. 

    Booky walking is good for you, esp if uphill and by my (unscientific experience) always feel that even if its a walk its off your bum and off the sofa; if you walk faster than normal also increases heart rate which, I am told, is good image 7 miles of walking a fair amount me thinks image although Im always put off runing on way to work as 100% NOT a morning person plus no shower and one does sweat a fair bit and would feel ikky/smelly for day in work image

    Lovely to see some sun today in Wales...really does make a difference mentally image

  • ps I have had a bad back for years and am going for a session to make sure Im clicked in ok!! Good way of telling is lie on floor and look at toes...if theyre uneven may be an issue plus if you have a good massage (ie not the gentle aromatherapy kind!!) you can feel it with knots if not all quite right...Fridays massage confirmed that all was not well...just a thought!

    Guy in work today going on about lactic acid and I explained that I am in NO way near having to worry about that...I wish. 7 miles in one go seems a loooooong time away!

    Hugs those that need em!

  • Hi all, another newbie here! Just wanted to say hi, it's v inspiring reading everyone's progress image

    I just started at the end of last week on the c25k plan, but quickly learnt I can't stick to it - instead I'm mixing it round - so tonight I did run 4, walk 3, run 3, walk to for example. I had to walk *a lot* but covered 2.9m so not too bad I guess.

    I'm still purple from it though!


  • I failed to get home in time for running club...and may give it a couple more weeks before my first appearance anyway as they do 4-6 miles as their intro/light session. As I only did my first 4m+ run this morning on the way to work, may get a few of these done first before I go join a club! (and my gym is next to work, so can shower there in the morning)

  • My knee felt a bit stiff this morning but has eased up during the day including walking into town at lunchtime.  Was going to go swimming this evening but have been co-opted into taking the Scouts for walk instead (mug)!  Am determined to rest it up and have even asked for a volunteer job to do at park run this weekend!

  • bookworm-airhead wrote (see)

    I am currently resisting the urge to buy new clothes and a heart rate monitor and and and!  I have promised myself new shoes when I complete C25k as mine are ancient.  

    bookworm - you don't really need a heart rate monitor as a newbie,  if you want to buy a gadget get a GPS watch. (Garmin forerunner is simple). This has a stopwatch and a pace indicator, minutes per mile. You can also download your runs to the garmin training centre and track your progress.

    Spend your money on shoes they are the most precious piece of running equipment you can buy. Go to a running shop and get good advice, also search runners world for shoe advice. The wrong shoes cause a lot of running injuries.

  • After reading through plenty of the forum threads I think I'm in the right place to say hello.


    I'm new to running (again), but so far only doing so on the treadmill at the gym. I'm trying to lose some weight and get down to about 12.5, currently 12.12. Doesn't sound a lot but I find it tough to lose and easy to gain. I'm thinking of entering a 5 or 10k to give myself a goal and some incentive to get out and run, currently running 5k at about 32 mins but want to get to 28.

    I admire you guys for getting out there 4 or 5 times a week, I need to man up! I'm 44 and trying to regain some fitness and lose some tyre. Currently going to the gym 3 times a week doing a mix of weights, treadmill, cross trainer and bike.

    Thanking you!

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