I'm losing the plot

I'm finding it increasingly difficult to keep up with all the new threads and postings on these forums. Just browsing backwards and forwards takes too long.

Anyone know of a software solution - that will allow me to just log on, download or otherwise save all the new posts since my last visit, and then quickly log off before my phone bill leads me to bankruptcy?

I mean, is this what "newsreaders" do?


  • my only solution to that one is to use the filter - gives you the last 24 hours only... alternatively, unmetered access somehow?!
  • As bouncer said, you should use the keyword search thing so that you don't have to keep going bak and forwards. Also on th emain RW page at the bottom there is usually a listing of "hot topics" which are the busiest for the day (I think). Other than that I doubt you can download all the posts without it being a technical and logistical nightmare.
  • sorry about the typo's :)
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