Knee problem & Marathon on its way

Hi everyone, I just signed up on here as thought I would seek some advise. 


I've been training for the london marthon over the past 3 or 4 months, everything has been going fine. Then last Sunday (8 days ago) I ran 17.3 miles in 2:58hrs which I was pretty happy with. I didn't find it too difficult and everything felt fine while running other than being a little stiff afterward. The next day or two my legs were tired and worn out but nothing abnormal. However, since then my left knee has had a dull ache just below the kneecap whenever I put weight on it or twist it a certain way. I can still walk normally but can feel there's something not right about it. I've been putting Lloyds muscle cream on it the last few days to try calm it down a bit which seems to have worked a little. 

Yesterday it felt better than it did the day before, but this morning it feels worse again (may be due to it being the morning or something). 

I understand you will probably all tell me to go have it looked at, but with the healthcare in the UK not being the quickest of things, I'm not sure I'll get seen before the Marathon in just under 2 weeks.

Is there anything I can do to give me the best chance of completing the marathon? I'm not too worried about the lack of training, I just want to be able to complete the marathon in 2 weeks without needing a wheelchair for the rest of my life. I've read about stretches and applying ice which I may have a try this evening.

Any advise will be greatly appreciated, and I look forward to hearing from you all.






  • A lot of knee problems are caused by some kind of muscle imbalance or overuse so plenty of stretching and, if you have access to a gym, some easy lifting can help strengthen.

    Foam rollers can also help with the stretching if it's caused by tension in the IT band or similar.

  • Hey chris ... Same problem as you butler outer knee so roller and ice and baths and no running!!! I only signed up yesterday and loads of us out there are having these issues ... We have till the 21st to get better !!!! I am seeing physio on Wednesday and you should try too ! Just to be sure it's nothing else... Good luck and keep us posted and good luck for the marathon!!!
  • I have a bit of a knee niggle too at the mo, it feels like the pain is inside the knee cap. The problem with our NHS (which I understand) is that unless the problem is affecting your day to day activity eg walking around or work, they don't want to know. The reality of it is, the NHS isn't there to get us through marathons ect!

    I'm looking into my footwear, I used NB 1063 until recently when I bought their new 1080v2 which is effectivly the 1063's successor being the premium neutral cushoning trainer from new balance. Obviously lots has changed in the new shoe so perhaps it just doesn't suit me.

    Could be nothing to do with footwear as I've rencently upped my training to include 20 mile big runs as opposed to 14 milers before.

    Its flipping frustrating because its hard to know what the problem is and also hard to find help. I had to rest for a week to get the knee in some sort of shape to run a half m I'd entered and now I'm laid up again but can hopefully ease back into training next week and build on that.

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