2013 Bristol 10K

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Hi- I was hoping someone could answer a couple of questions i have. I did the bristol half in spetember and have signed up for this. I am coming from the midlands so in via M32. when i did the half i had completely failed to anticipate the 30 ish minute delay on the m32 due to volume of traffic entering the city. Will i experience the same for the 10k given less numbers?

Also, i am tragetting this as my first serious pb effort of the year. how much of the half marathon route does it follow, is it serious pb potential (flat)??


  • Hi Darryll, 

    Not sure about traffic on M32 as I come in from opposite direction... Although if you are coming from Midlands you may find it easier to come into Bristol from M5 direction, coming off at J17 (as portway at J18 is part of the route)...


    In terms of route - it follows the same route as Bristol Half Marathon but it doesn't go as far up the Portway before turning back down it at the beginning and cuts back into the city sooner at the end. Its very flat, so I would think it would have lots of PB potential. Good luck. 

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    Hi, Thanks for the response. I had considered staying on the m5, however my Wife is travelling down with me and staying in Fishponds so have to come in that way to drop her off so only other option is via old market, however not quite sure the road lay out etc is as i remember it as all seems to have changed with cabot circus etc.

    ok thats what i thought. Do you know if it takes in that hill that runs between castle park and the back of broadmead as you come down round past the marriot??



  • Hi Darryll,

    No, that hill isn't included. It goes along the river in Southville like the half but then goes straight back into the city and to the finish from there rather than going round Queen Square and past Castle Park. If I remember rightly the only real 'steep' bit is when you go up over the overpass - which takes the slightly steeper but shorter path up in the 10km than the half but its not really a hill, more an incline if that makes sense. Its a good route I think as it takes the annoying weaving in and out bits at the end of the half out.



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    ok thanks for that. Yes i really struggled in the last few miles of the half weaving around in circles constantly within touching distance of the finish!

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