Absolutely Gutted having to defer London with 2 weeks to go

Morning all,

So after training for months beating off a bout of Pneumonia and the norovirus I picked up a knee injury on my last LSR of 22 miles.  Tight Hip flexors pulling knee out.

I have had intensive physio, he thinks I should rest and I'll be ok to run on the day as I have done all my training.  I've been out a few times and cannot run past 6 miles due to the pain. So am not prepared to go to VLM and then drop out or run in terrible pain and not be able to run for months after.  

To say Im gutted is an understatement, I've been totally committed to training, I've got two small children and have spent every spare minute I have running.  To have to pull out so near is just so upsetting, after all that training I've done and in the most horrendous of weather.

Just wanted to have a rant on here as just embarrassed myself at school by crying in front of other mums. image  









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    That's a really bad run of luck Katy. Are you committed to deferring. You could rest up til middle of next week, or do some light cross training if the physio thinks  its ok and see how things develop. I had a mixture of illness and injury last year before a marathon, and ended up taking the decision the day before. Maybe you won't be at your best, maybe you will surprise yourself. I guess a lot depends on the nature of the injury and likely recovery.

  • Katy! Don't despair ... Don't run on it and totally stretch out this week. My knee went at the weekend and I read what happened to you whilst in utter despair on the sofa!!!!! i have the same issues .... Lazy glute, tight hip flexors and now left knee is buggered. But I am now literally resting till physio on Wednesday and no running!!!! This is muscular so can be fixed with tlc ...please don't defer just yet and get some good stretches in !!!!!!!!! Big big big hugs xxxx loads of rest!!!!! I have faith we can be fixed!!!!!!
  • that's a bummer

    but there's no point in having a physio if you don't take their advice. Rest up, report back in a week.

  • Good advice from the Dude, rest and give it another week.

    And don't worry if you do have to defer -  it really doesn't feel so so bad once you've made the decision, it's the worrying whether to or not that's distressing.

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    Sadly, I know how you feel.  My training for VLM was going amazingly and then 3 weeks ago, I was knocked off my bike by a dog and I injured my quad.  At first I thought it would be ok but it's just gone on and on.  I then entered Edinburgh and deferred VLM but now I am not sure that is going to happen either.

    Firstly, are you sure you can't do it?  If so then, dramatic as it sounds, you have to go stages of upset and grief and then you come to terms with it.  I'm still really gutted but realised that being active is more important to me than dragging myself round a marathon and doing some long term damage.

    Good luck whatever happens.  Anyone who hasn't gone through this, probably doesn't really understand how you feel and they just think it's a running race that you can't do (which it is, but it feels much worse than that)

  • David Falconer 3 wrote (see)
    Screamapillar wrote (see)

    Good advice from the Dude, rest and give it another week.

    And don't worry if you do have to defer -  it really doesn't feel so so bad once you've made the decision, it's the worrying whether to or not that's distressing.

    I'd like to see your reaction if I 'deferred' from my marathonimage


    I think it might be a different reaction altogether David, but then Katy seems to be a decent sort and has trained hard, whereas you're....well.....a bit of a dick really.

  • David, if you deferred your marathon entry I'd say you were doing the right thing. 

  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭
    But you aren't a real man!
  • "Real" men don't have to prove they're "hard" by not deferring when they should defer. 

  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭
    Joe Jackson?
  • With respect to Jindalee I would suggest  "Is she really going out with him?" is more apt image

  • Grewella:- Good luck with your knee, fingers crossed for you!

    Pip:- Really sorry to hear your story, pesky dogs, really hope you get better asap and can get a marathon done?  You are right it is the worst feeling in the world at the moment, the school mums think I'm mad - crying because I cant run a Marathon.

    Well this morning I was all ready to push that defer button but after reading your replies perhaps I could give it a few more days of rest and stretching? 

    I'm just so worried that if I continue to rest and then risk running on the day I will either do myself long term damage, take a really long time (not what I've trained for) or have to stop and give up - which I'd hate.  I guess no one really knows whats going to happen on race day whether fully fit or not. 

    Thanks for all your replies and support - some have most definatley brought a huge smile to my face! image just what I needed!!! 








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    Katy, I think you should go back to the physio, just check you haven't done any more damage by running when you were told not to, then go for a short run a couple of days before and decide whether or not to defer then. If you can't run more than a few miles without pain now, you'll have a very good idea, say, on the Friday before if you try and do a gentle 5 miles or something.

    Is the one that brought a huge smile to your face when Screamapillar suggested DF3 wasn't boyfriend material?

  • PG3PG3 ✭✭✭

    Katy, I agree with literatin.  It's hard to be in that limbo land of 'can I, can't i' but it wont make any difference if you defer now or on the Friday before.  Rest up, see your physio and try and run for about 5 miles on the Thurs or Fri before and make a call then.  It means you're left in limbo land for a while longer but if you get to run then it will be worth it.  Your fitness shouldn't have taken any kind of hit.

    I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you.


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    It will be a horrible and frustrating few days not knowing, but is definitely worth sticking with it. By the Wednesday before a marathon last year, I still couldn't run comfortably. A day or so before I managed 2.6 miles pain free and decided that if I could do 10%, I'd get through 100% of 26.2 miles. I immediately stopped running and got ready to go. Not great thinking I know, but I got through it. You can defer very late on so keep your finger off the defer button!

    If there is any doubt about the long term nature of the injury, go back to your physio

  • Yay!!!! Don't press the button just yet ... You are not alone. Now rest up till weekend .....you have put amazing mileage in so now time to sleep well and eat loads! Have a good evening xxx
  • Hey Katy, I had problems with my knee 2 weeks ago. Unfortunately for me I already deferred from last yr after. Anyway I went to my physio, hot and cold compression, foam rolled religiously 3 times a day and also cycled to maintain fitness. I went out a week later and 5 miles was painful so I went back to my routine but this time I swam instead of cycled. I went out on fri and managed 5 miles initially a slight niggle which wore off and then went out again yesterday and managed 10 miles, I prob could have pushed for 12 but decided against it. What I'm trying to say is stay off it and don't do any short runs. Keep rolling and try a short run thurs/fri before the marathon and then make a decision. You've got till sat to defer so don't make a decision just yet.
  • Cheers guys, it is the worst feeling in the world not knowing whether run or not - I guess what I wanted was the physio to say 'thats it your out' but he hasnt said that.  Will get myself booked in with him this week, see what he says.  

    Oh yes it was the boyfriend material shout and obviously Pudge calling him a dick! image Sorry David!

    Really thanks for the advice and support 


  • Oh dear David, you've lost them - they're laughing at you now, not with you...image

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