help....Shin Splints before VLM

After completing my 20m run last weekend (not the Sunday just gome) my shins have become pretty tender and I have avoided running since and just focused on x training. I am icing and applying Volteral. They are still tender now, is there anything else that I can be doing to sort the problem out. I will be running on 21st no matter what.....

Think I may just be paranoid and worrying too much, any advice will be great. 



  • Shin splints can be caused by tight calves: stretch them out!

  • Yes, foam rolling helps a lot.

    You normally get it though when you've been hammering the mileage beyond what your muscles are use to, so as you go through taper they should gradually improve.

  • Get a sports massage, they will do wonders!

  • Thanks everybody for the input.

    I have been stretching frequently and have a sports massage booked in next week. I had one last week just before the dreaded splints kicked in. 

    Is it worth speaking to my GP to get stronger anti inflammatories and, through your experience will I be OK to run through them? I have read that they will hurt for a while until the muscles get loose and warm up only to re-surface after the run with a vengance.

    I will be taping them up and wearing shin guards.

    This I will live with as with 4 months training behind me and having raised loads for my charity I fully intend to run.

    As I mentioned before I am in a bit of taper panic mode.......

  • I did a 20 mile run 2 weeks ago and also got sore shins, did only a 6 mile run in the week and then did a half marathon yesterday when they were sore for the first 2 miles and then were fine. They hurt today though........

  • Hopefully I am just being over cautious. Walking is fine, not really tender to the touch now, just hurts as a break out for a run. Going to tape it up snd wear calf guards on the day.
  • There are various types of shin splits - do you have time to see a physio? I saw one last week when I was having problems, they taped my foot up for support to create less work on the affected area and massaged the area. I ran that evening and it was much better. He told me to keep the running relatively light and take anti inflammatories if needed. But again, depends on the type of shin splints.

  • Steve- I had shin issues for months and kept on ignoring them as they would normally settle after a couple of miles once warmed up. It got progressively worse and really kicked off during a race a few weeks ago and came back with a vengance when I stopped. I could hardly walk and thought I really did some serious damage. I took 3 days off and stretched my calves religiously 2-3 times a day and iced up/ lived in compression socks. Got back to normal training after that and had no problems since. I never used to pay much attention to stretching but have been converted stretch those calves!
  • I am heeding everybody's advice. I have found the step up from running regular half marathons and training for the full a real eye opener on looking after your body and if I attacked these shin problems months ago I would not be stressed as I am now and my training would if been more text book. I am living in compression tights at the moment and icing on a regular basis. I need to use my stick roller more which us very evident from the comments here. The shins are beginning to ease off this afternoon/evening through aggressive icing and massage. Going to complete this weeks training on the cross trainer. Touch wood come 21st I will be ready. Any experiences that people can share the more confident I will become. Thanks.
  • Steve -  In my 16 week VLM campaign I had 6 weeks good training and a good HM but since then I have struggled with a shin/inner calf muscle problem. I have seen my physio, done all the good stuff, stretching/icing/calf guards , not run on it for a couple of weeks but it came back as soon as I started back on the roads so I stopped again. 

    So I have missed 7 weeks of  running training but I have kept up my fitness by x training to simulate the running training I have missed but it is not the same as running, so I know am lacking in running endurance.  Started running again last week and even though the pain was there it was nowhere near as bad.  Ran a HM last Sunday and got around OK and the there was no pain after about 3 miles.  But the pain was back on the Monday.

    I am definitely going to run London, I have raised money for a charity-  maybe would have deferred if I had n't. 

    I think you have got a good amount of training in and are right just to x train.

  • This is exactly the same as my symptoms, I have the Manchester marathon in 10 days. My exceptionally painful right shin has really hampered my training...I have only managed to get up to around 16 miles. My pain is very intense when I press on my lower shin bone, however when running it is painful for a few miles and then disappears....only to come back with a vengeance a few hours after running. It is so frustrating!! I have tried not running for a few days plus ice nd stretches but this doesn't seem to make any difference . Feel anxious about the marathon but I'm going for it anyway. My initial worry was a stress fracture.
  • I also have some fear atm. I've had no shin splint issues until now, for me has occurred due to weak glutes ... had to stop doing my lunges and squats due to a slight hamstring injury and now the shin is firing up.

    Have new insoles to support my arch, trying to fire up the glutes a bit more by being aware of them during my short runs this week, using ibuprofen gel (is this safe to use during the marathon though??) and getting a sports massage tomorrow.

  • Vicky, I have not ran since my last long run and have finished my training on X trainer. They have cleared up somewhat. What I find really helps and makes a big difference when running is using calf guards. I use compressport ones and they are at the Expo. Well worth investing in them.  I have always ran taking ibuprofen and I did my last long run having had one. I have since learned that it is not such a good idea to do so. My physio has said that the gel is fine to use though. Take paracetamol. I find that the shins do calm down quite a bit after the first few miles.

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