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I am running in proper running trainers ( a size larger than norm)with breathable uppers etc but my feet keep getting too hot when running longer distances. I have been using sweat wickering running socks which are of medium weight. I am wondering if anyone can recommend socks that keep your feet cool, non rub etc


  • go for lighter weight socks then ?

    If your feet are hot in this weather - what will it be like in summer ?

    Are your shoes too big and rubbing and causing heat through friction ?

    I normally use the same size shoe - maybe half a size bigger.
  • I think I am looking for any recommendations for decent socks really. Lightweight and sweat wickering, non rub, blister etc. I am happy with my trainers and there is no rubbing - I have always been advised to buy half to one size bigger (depending on make) in respect of trainers as feet expand with mileage

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    Have alook at this link:

    As its the US site, the same brands may not be available here, but it should give you an idea of the differences between socks and possibly what to look for.

    Personally, I like the Thorlo Experia socks as these are thin mesh with padding in the right places. NB different to the ones mentioned in the link, as they use synthetic fibres, I have a pair of the merino ones and I find them a bit too warm - whereas I've worn the "normal" experias quite happily in the recent sub-zero temps.

  • Run in every puddle you can find!

  • I find Thorlo and Thousand Mile socks have good wicking properties.

  • Thorlo socks are all I use and they last forever. Get yourself a few pairs. And they're not very expensive.
  • I get all my running socks from Lidl - I've found them to be great value for money, and far better than many I've had from big names.

  • I've all types of socks from thin cycling types to thicker merino ones. Ive never had hot feet. Even in summer. It's just about freezing out there at the moment so I'm not sure the issue is with the socks. Just how thick would they need to be to give you hot feet?

    Are these your first pair of running shoes ? How long are the runs it happens on ?
  • I often get hot feet - depends on the shoes and socks.  My racing shoes (!) make my feet much hotter than my training shoes, perhaps because they are tighter.  And thicker socks don't wick as well.  But Cougie could be right - could be something else.

  • i am also surprised, as I am still suffering from cold feet despite my nice thick thorlos (or even occasionally merino hiking socks).

    Where are you? I want to come and check out this warm place. My feet are only ever warm in cycling shoes which are made out of concrete or something and impervious to all weather conditions.
  • I have been using X-Socks over winter - only ever had their winter socks. Great socks.

    For warmer climates, I have just received 2 pairs of Drymax ultra thin socks - excellent. No heat issues (which I normally suffer from).

    I spend most my money on good shoes and socks. Feet are important when running (or walking for that matter).

    What brand/model of shoe do you use? Although you mention they are breathable, some are not as breathable as they claim.

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