Areo Bars

Have finally got round to putting a par of aero bars on my bike and all is great apart from needing to pee more often, is this changed by the slight change of position?


  • image nah, that's just old age SA image

  • no its your ageimage


    but you are probably putting more pressure on your bladder from your positioning........making you think you want to go more often.........hold probably will be ok not stoppingimage

  • it's not pressure on the bladder that causes this but pressure on the pudendal nerve which helps control peeing

    you might need to fiddle around with your position in the bars SA to see if it makes a difference - alternatively a proper bike fit with the aero bars might help

  • Saddle with a centre cut out i have one of these well worn out now but it was a super comfy saddle in the aero position

  • Try an Adamo saddle, or even just tilting the saddle slightly forward may help

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