A Weighty Matter

Hi everyone, I'm confused.

I signed up for a triathlon last year with view to getting fitter and losing weight. I was aiming for one in June this year, but I've now actually signed up for four image, my first being in two weeks.

I could only run for a minute when I started but at the weekend did my first longer brick session that took 1.45 Wahoo.

But................. I've not lost an ounce in weight???  How can this be?  I'm not drinking my glass of wine a night any more, have dumped the weekend industrial bar of Dairy Milk and I'm snacking of fruit, nuts etc instead of Wagon Wheels, but eating the meals I'd normally have eaten.  So basically I'm not eating more than I used to, but now run twice a week and bike and swim once a week.

People keep saying that I must have put on muscle and I guess I must have toned up, but I can't even notice that to be honest.  What am I doing wrong?

I know the simple equation is, eat less, exercise more and you'll lose weight. But if I eat any less I don't think I'll have the energy to train.

Thanks for any help image



  • you need to right down exactly what you are eating.as the snacking on fruit nuts etc can quickly add up big time..........

    The more I train the more i weigh........I just end up feeling starving and I overcompensate .fuel before a session and afterwards...oh and during....

    check if you are taking gels and energy drinks as well as these add up..........

  • Have you lost any inches from your waste ?

    I put on over a stone last year while injured from Rugby, I have since got back into training and although have toned up (slightly) I am still around the same weight of 14 stone, yet I am twice as fit and can almost see my ribs ??

    I don't think you can measure your fitness by weight unless you are aiming to lose weight, then it would be more a diet/fitness regimen, looking at healthy carb's, protein and fresh fruit and veg and measuring calorie intake etc.

    I tend to eat the same if not more when in training and use that as an excuse to have the odd pizza or choccy cake. image


  • Overcompensation is very common when training. 
    Also portion control and the timing of what you eat is important. Weight loss really is 80% what you put in your mouth. 

    I gained weight while training for my first Ironman. It's easily done, it took a lot of hard work to get it off afterwards. You have to be quite determined and tough on yourself to shift the weight which isn't easy, but if you want to enough, you will! image


    Good luck

  • Running burns up about 100 calories a mile. So its really not that much calory burn.

    Swimming (at least the way I do it) doesn't burn up as many calories.

    Cycling - well cycling is a very efficient way to get round. You need to do big miles to burn lots.

    What distances are you doing ?
  • But I'm hungggrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyy (stomping feet!)

    Should I just be having the normal RDA for a woman, obviously making sure it's good stuff and not junk?

    If I'm not eating more than I used to, but I'm exercising more, you'd think I'd have lost an 'ickle bit.

    It's not a big deal to be honest as I'm so much fitter than I was but I was just curious as to why I wasn't losing any pounds.  It think "toasty" that I might have lost a bit off my waist, definitely nothing off my rump though image

  • You should use My fitness pal to track how many calories you're consuming. Especially on the days you're not training. It was a real eye opener for me, those fruit soon add up, you have to remember fruit is basically a form of sugar, ok, it's not nasty refined sugar, but the better fructose type of sugar. But it's still sugar, so should be eaten in moderation, like everything else. Nuts are good for you, but are high in calories etc, so moderate. The trap I fell into was believing I was eating healthily, ie fruit, nuts etc but massively over consuming. Then because I had done a work out earlier in the day, I felt I had earned that Big Mac meal, boom, 900 ish calories , on top of the 3000 ish I'd grazed on whilst eating healthily, which has wiped out the 6-700 calories burned off earlier.
  • Funnily enough I was just telling a friend about My Fitness Pal.  I haven't used it for ages, but will get back on it and see exactly what I'm munching my way through. Thank you.

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