Hardmoors 110

Anybody else signed up for this?

Did the 60 last year, so now its time to try the big one. 



  • Ben - I am crewing Tim Bateson, will see you there and give you a cheer!

  • Thanks. 

    You can even pass me a jelly baby if you want!


  • Ben - I'll remember to stock up on the little fellas!

  • This is an incredibly interesting and varied course.  It combines the moors of the Hardmoors 50, and the coastal paths of the Hardmoors 60, along with a lot of features of interest en route. 

    I am surprised that it is not more popular, and I venture to suggest that it will be in years to come. 

  • Hardmoors 60 is a fantastic event. 

    It makes the NDW50 look like a race with a sensible number of stairs in it however!

  • I am also running the HM110. it will be my first attempt at a 100. More than a little nervous image

    Agree that the HM60 is a fab fab run. In fact it is my favourite Ultra image

  • Interestingly Tim there are people who have finished the 110 but DNFd the 60. 

    Yes the 110 is longer, but the cutoffs are more generous. 

  • Oh, and now I have won a free place in the Swiss Iron Trail. 

    Going to be a tough summer!

  • Cragchick hope you can make the HM60 it is a great run, I am running HM60 as well

  • Cragchick - be great to see and no doubt hear you at HM60! 

  • Ben - Now that does look like a challenge, well done and good luck!


  • I will need it!

    Still, since the organisers have offered me a place on a plate, it would be rude not to turn up!

  • Might be doing this, you think I'd know better after doing the 55 four times and last years 60 (63image) and JonS quite awesome Wainstones marathon weekend before last (great course)!

    I was meant to be doing fellsman, but will have to skip for family reasons. So I needed another challenge not too long after and thought of this. I think I'm letting the "only an extra month to prepare and 50 more miles" spook me at the moment, but I think I will enter as its in my head now. Will be interesting as I've not attempted a 100+ since 2011 (decided to lay off 3 figures after two DNF) and not completed one since Lakeland 100 2010. I think the mental part of it needs more work than the physical for me as I've done a 50+m in snow and winds at HM55 and know I'll tackle this much steadier so its just about keeping going.

    What's everybody else been upto in training and upto about now for this? Just so I can confirm I'm not deluding myself.

    My weekly mileage this year peaked for aforementioned HM55 at 62m (mid-to-late March), rebuilt to 50 for week including Wainstones mara, then 34 last week as thought I was tapering it a bit for Fellsman. So now planning to pick this up to about 40+ this week (as much as I can during week without the time for a weekend LSR), hoping for a 70 next week including a 40m LSR (effectively 3 weeks before), 60 the week after (lots midweek but a slight taper to about 25m for weekend LSR), 30m week prior, bare minimum the week before.

    I know everybodies different, but would appreciate any insight if that seems a decent "emergency" plan from here to the day as I'm sure some on here probably have more experiance of the 3-figure distance and I've got more used to preparing for 50-70m maximum the last few years. Maybe I'm overcompensating trying to squeeze in a 70m week (culiminating 3 weeks before event)  and then a 60m, with only two weeks after. I might drop the 60m week a bit, but stick with the 70 as most of that will be one 40m long slow run on a route that I think mimics the challenges of HM110 a bit and at a similar pace - trying to finish still quite comfortable. Idea of doing the 40m three weeks out is that any later and body won't have adapted to the new stresses.

    Hope that makes some sense image As you can tell I'm undecided on a plan as tend to plan much further ahead usually. Hope prep is going well for others on here too!

  • I am averaging about 55 miles a week and running a marathon this weekend.

    I think you are right it is more mental than physical, but this my first 100 as well.

  • I am in the Manchester Marathon this weekend Tim if that is the one you have in mind.  We will talk more about the best mental tactics for dealing with a 100 as this event comes closer. 

  • Hi Ben I was goign to run Manchester, but decided to stay local soI will be running the MOTN in Sunderland. 

    I too I am waiting until next week before starting to really focus on the 110 image


  • Good luck in Manchester and Sunderland

  • DEOT.  Sounds to me like you're preparing really well for this.  I can't do much more than 40 odd miles pw or I break down.  Still managed to do a 100 last year sub 24.  I might be inclined to do less than 60 miles with only 2 weeks to go.

    I'm excited to be doing this but also a bit nervous.  Done the HM55 twice and found it tough and run some of the coastal path in Devon and Cornwall.  Is the 2nd half of the race v hilly?

    Too late to back out now!

  • It is all very hilly!

    Hardmoors 55 vs ~Hardmoors 60 is an interesting one. 

    They seem to be comparable in terms of difficulty, with slightly more people who have done both favouring the 55. 

  • The 60 is a great challenge in its own right. Got my legs in a way I've never experianced before, its not the size of the ascents/descents, but the frequency and the very specific pounding you get from going up and particularly down steps (the eccentric contraction of the quad muscles is particularly tested on this one if I recall image). Is frostbite 50 in a similar vein of tackling lots of steps? The 55 is a more familiar undulating/hilly trail run, it's secret weapon is the mid-section where it packs in a massive percentage of the ascent and descent. I'd say the 60 is probably tougher.... just.

    Doing these back to back will be interesting. I'm hoping the 55 (moors) will have knocked enough energy out of my legs that I have to take the second half steps very slow, so will not be too much more painful than the 60 (just a lot slower).

    How's everyone getting along? I've reeled in my plans a bit and just settled for 60m with a 35m LSR 'peak' last week/Saturday, same mileage during week (or so) this week but with a much shorter long run, then taper.... I have the 55 and tough Wainstones marathon and several other marathon+ length LSR, just about in the muscle-memory so I think that should do me. 35 this weekend in the wolds went well, taken at a mph or more faster than I'll try the 110 at it felt pretty comfortable overall and didn't cripple me for the rest of day or weekend. The pace also gave me plenty of opportunities to stop and take picture of calves and lambs for the youngun image

    Anyone else doing it unsupported? I'd have struggled to raise a support crew and also a bit lazy on that front and - if I'm honest - not much of a team player (control-freak maybe). So I thought it would be easier and gave me plenty to think about on the LSR the other day, i.e. hydration and energy plans, gear to wear/carry, what to go in drop-bags.

  • Cragchick hope you can make the HM60 it is a great run.

    DEoT agree that the ups and downs of the 60 make it a very challenging run.

    HM110 is my first 100 so got to have a crew. Got myself an unlikely crew who host a podcast about trail running image I am looking forward to having crew and sharing some banter at high and low points.

    My plans been derailed slightly by running a marathon at to fast a pace and trashing my legs about 8 days ago. Looking to run about 60 to 70 miles in total this week and then an easy two weeks before the race.

  • Haha, from race guide....

    You must stick to the seafront through Scarborough, as:
    A. Scarborough will be patrolled through various times of the race.
    B. Shortcuts through the town centre can lead to problems when trying to locate the Scarborough checkpoint.
    C. The dregs of society roam the streets of Scarborough pissed during the evening, night and early morning hours. 2008 Hardmoors saw competitors subjected to verbal abuse from these ‘Tarts’.

    ....an event with even more challenges than just the terrain and distance image

  • Fair point FR. I know Jon and just appreciated the humour. I would be giving similar warnings to anyone attempting to run though my home city on a Saturday evening (as the above could be true for most uk towns and cities of any size). Hopefully the only people from scarborough reading this will be those doing the event or with a heathly interest in outdoor activities so probably not interested in antagonising runners after a few jars image

    Quite happy with how the training is going still, seems my mileage is somewhere between Melbas and Tim, I think there are several ways to crack this particular nut. Hope the legs are ok Tim? Still plenty of time to the event and if you have to cut a few miles of your weeks at this stage I don't think it would harm you.

    You can't put an exact figure on it, but I reckon 75% of completing a 100m+ or in fact anything really hilly/mountainous over 50m is in the head.

  • The mixture of running in a mixture of coastal trails, hills, villages and towns is one of the great things about the second half of the HM110 image

  • Been doing some step reps in prep today image

  • I have added the Hardmoors medal/t shirt/buff to the proverbial trophy cabinet. 

    Much more importantly, I have ran with some amazing ultra runners, and seen some incredible stories of personal courage unfold. 

    The memories are ultimately the trophy!

    This is an absolutely vicious race, and it is also a spectacular course. 

    Will provide a more detailed report tomorrow!

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