Running Backpacks

Hello everyone.

I'm looking to invest in a running backpack as now we are entering into Spring (I say that lightly) I want to start running home from work.

Any suggestions on one which isn't too pricey.



  • Snap!Snap! ✭✭✭

    Do you just want a backpack to hold stuff, or do you want to carry a water bladder in it as well?

  • At the moment just to hold stuff. But eventually a water bladder as I'm starting to run further. So maybe I should invest now?

  • Wow.  There's a fair bit of choice out there - like shoes I'd say you need to try several until you find the right one for you, with the design features you want.  

    A good shop would let you put something heavy in it (similar weight to what you'll be carrying - if I was really nerdy I'd suggest taking the actual load you intend to carry, then you'll know for sure if it fits and how it feels), then you can prance around the shop for a while to make sure it fits nicely and doesn't rub badly anywhere.  Make sure most of the weight will sit comfortably on your hips otherwise you'll wreck your shoulders and neck - back length is crucial here.  Straps can rub around your neck, collar bone etc, and some will just feel wrong.

    I think it's the current Trail Runner mag that has a review of running packs, so prob worth having a look at that for ideas.  The current Lowe Alpine pack comes out tops - it's £50.  Not sure what you budget is.  OMM are reasonably priced (and good, I think).  Cheaper still - Quechua (at Decathlon) or Gelert.  Or sale items once you know what you want.

    I prefer bottle holders to bladders 'cos its easier to see how much you're drinking and to re-fill.  Plus I can never be bothered washing bladders/tubes properly.

    All just my opinion, of course.  Hope that helps (gawd, I like gear!).

  • I used to use a mizerno 20l pack retailed at £20 was fine as long as the zips were safety pinned together. Start Fitness used to sell them and so did my local Fit 2 Run store near Abingdon. I now use an OMM bag bought from Wiggle in a sale.

  • inov8 do some great running packs, as do North Face.

    Rebecca - you might find that many packs are not comfy as the straps will clash with your boobage!  Have a look at the North Face Enduro 20 pack - it's more of a cross your heart jobby. My OH loves hers, and wasn't so comfy in my Inov8. 



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