Help - starting up

I've been bike shopping today and have been recommended the Scott contessa 15 and the Merida ride lite Juliet 94..... Any advances?? What are your thoughts on cube, specialised or cannondale?? I'm about 5ft5 and 60 kg, female and have a budget of 1000 pound (just for the bike) extra 200 for shoes etc. Please help me


  • My opinion usually is the one that fits you the best .....

    I dont know the spec for each one that you are referring to but if you are at a local bike shop and not a high st retailer then they should be able to help you with regards fit etc

    Get the best spec you can afford for your money and make sure its a nice colour  image

  • SPECIALIZED! I may or may not be saying this because i own a specialized..... As above the one that fits correctly!
  • I have a Specialized (amongst others) and I do like it ...

  • Ditto on the specialized. I have a dolce sport from a few years back. Still in love.
  • Thank you for your advice........ I think I am going to opt for a Specialised Rubaix, any thoughts? : )
  • I have a Scott Contessa 35 and I love it!  I wanted the 15 but couldn't stretch to it - goes brilliantly up hills and on the flat.  Love it and my butt likes the seat too image  My lbs ordered it in and set it up for me - love them image

  • Suckitupbuttercup.... Thank you so much, well kinda thank you as I am now torn between the Scott and the contessa?!
  • I have 3 Scott bikes and love them all. I really like other makes too.

    Go for fit first and foremost. if something doesn't feel right and can't be altered thern leave it. once fit is sorted then look at compliment level, great the best you can afford. once those two are OK, then go for colour
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