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Hello all, I am running (foolishly) the Brighton Marathon Sunday and London the following Sunday..I am a novice runner who has been churning out 25-30 mile weeks the last two months. Less before due to injury..Has anyone got any advise for recovery in between as I'm running both for charity and for London want to jog round..Expectations are anything from 4hrs to 5hrs with a PB HM time of 1:45..thanks one and all!!


  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    Treat Brighton as a long run by taking it slow & easy (e.g. 10 to 11 min/mile pace to come in sub 5 hour) and then rest for the whole of next week (I suspect you won't be feeling like running/walking anyway!).

    Based on how well you do at Brigthon and how you feel, either go faster/slower or same speed in London.  Be pessimistic with your approach to London - if you start too fast its going to hit you a lot harder than the average participant who's had a restful taper.

    If you've not gone further than 30 miles in the last two months, and you haven't got a lot of running prior to this, then you are under-prepared for one marathon let alone two.  I'm guessing you know this already, so you have to take a survival approach rather than trying too hard.

    PS Will you be carrying an oversize hammer (and wearing oversize specs)? 

    PPS Good luck!

  • There's no way to recover in a week.

    So you're best off minimising the damage from Brighton. Take it steadily. Lots of walking breaks. Maybe try a cold/icebath after you finish and drink some milkshake shortly after too.

    Good luck. Rather you than me !
  • it can be done easily enough - I did Brighton and London 2 years ago and my London time was only 10 mins shy of my Brighton one

    I used Brighton as the A race - went PB hunting but failed (hey ho) and planned to bimble around London with someone else.  by 9 miles my legs felt fine as we'd been taking it easy so I headed off at a slightly faster pace.  was fine.

    between the 2 I just rested and had a short 5k easy run and a swim midweek.


    good luck and enjoy

  • Hog-mouseHog-mouse ✭✭✭

    FB, and you are a novice runner with only 2 months of low mileage behind you?

    As others have said, take both easy. You are doing them for charity and the hell of it. So, treat Brighton as a long slow run, see how you cope with the distance. use that as a stratergy guide for London.

    London is quite different, you can easily bimble around, run walk as you see fit, make the most of it, stop off at mile 17 and great the RW forumites supporters. 

    Personally I wouldn't be looking to 'race' either. If you take them both easy you'll get around them both fine. It will hurt but who really cares about that?

    Problem with both is that they are flat road races and your legs will get more tiredfrom doing the same thing over and over than if you were running up hill down dale. Think which would you prefer, 100 miles of motorway or 50 miles of country lanes? If you need to stop and stretch then do so, who cares? If you need a potty break, have a nice hot cup of tea or piece of cake?


  • "FB, and you are a novice runner with only 2 months of low mileage behind you?"

    ah - yes - perhaps not....  image

    the key thing I want to get over is that it's not as difficult as some people may think it is.  Ok it's easier talking from the perspective of someone who has a few marathons under their belt but even for novices, if they approach matters positively it's not a huge deal.

    the OP has a 1:45 half time - that's about a 4hr marathon pace if paced well.  I would suggest anyone capable of a single 4hr marathon is capable of doing back to back ones in 4:30-5hrs if they pace themselves well 

    rest, rehydrate, refuel and perhaps a lights sports massage in between and they will be "raring" to go at VLM

  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    Cougie, good to see you provide consistent advice image


    Tim, you've had 10 months to prepare - so you maybe should have thought about this before now image

  • I havent read what everyone has said but i did this last year. I am not a fast runner and i had injuries. I did them both in the exact same time 4:33.

    Basically have you done marathons before? If not then go slow on Brighton and then just enjoy London for what it is and dont go for a time on either. Either way, dont go for a time.

    In between the two i did this:

    Mon - personal trainer assesment - strength on injuries

    Tue - massage

    Wed - physio

    Thu - Strength

    Fri - physio / light massage

    Sun - Run

    I hadnt run at all between the two. You can read my blog - its a bit boring for others but you may get some tips -

    I had done VLM before so i just went and enjoyed it and stopped to say hello to my parents on tower bridge, and then chatted to loads of people, it was my way of getting myself round. I loved London and always do, its great. So if anything go faster at Brighton and just enjoy London

  • I'll fly in the face of what many say...

    Get Brighton finished. Better to be on your feet for 4 hours than 5+. I'd feel a lot fresher after 6 days if I'd spent 4 hours on my feet and not 5.

    Also, London is a far better place to run/walk a marathon. There are a throng of folks at the back doing exactly that.

    You're going to need to keep active in the week between. Walk as much as you can on flat ground, do not even think about running at any kind of speed. (If you've ran 1 marathon what can a 5 mile run prove?)

    Keep moving, keep a very strict and sensible diet, with lots of protein. Don't even concern yourself with how your legs feel for a few days. The next one will be coming, and you should look forward to it. Don't fear it.

    Advice on perfect planning here - - plus some advice on post London pubs too.

    Be sure to enjoy them both. You'll do just fine.

  • Cheers for all the advice - Cougie have had 10 months indeed and prior to my injury in Nov/Dec everything was fine and in Oct / Nov I was doing in excess of 40 miles!! I understand the negative stuff on here and have done enough reading to know I am under cooked..The thrill though is the challenge and how deep I can go when needed. Did LM in 2009 with damaged knee cartilage for the last 8 miles which was tough..I guess for me this is a journey that I want to lead to Ultras etc but training will be increased.will read through the blogs as well guys and thanks for the advice and not taking a Mallett this time though stutyr image
  • With a 1.45 half your capable of a easy sub 4, I have done 2 in 2 days, 4 in 4 days but regularly do back to back on a weekly basis. The key is recover as soon as you cross the line, make your your well hydrated ASAP and drink milkshake as soon as you can, nibble regularly until you get a good protein based meal inside you.

    Keep moving as much as possible that day, maybe even 10-15 min in a cold bath, no need for ice just cold is good enough. The days In between no impact active recovery is the key, don't run till thur/fri so swim, walk just move! If you slot a massage in maybe wed that may help.

    Drink plenty of fluids to help flush the lactic and buildup of fluids. You will almost always weigh heavy the day after a marathon due to the muscles retaining water.

    You will be fine, don't worry about it but enjoy it! Try and run them a comfortable consistent pace slightly within yourself. If you run walk them that will do more damage than a easy steady consistant pace.

    Remember the second you cross that line at Brighton get calories in ASAP! You won't feel like it but do it!!!!

    Best of luck!!
  • Thanks Muzza - four in four days!!! You must do some monstrous mileage each month!! Thanks for the advice and positivity as the mind games have started and the doubts are flowing!!
  • Nope, I only run 30m on a good week, I do spinning and swimming to! Big mileage is over rated, quality is better than quality mate! 4 in 4 was 3.05, 3.08, 3.11 and 3.13 and PB is 2.48 so goes to show you don't need to run a hour plus slower to complete the 2!

    You will be fine, like I said go enjoy both days!
  • I did 2 in a week last year (Leicester then Abingdon). Both were all out efforts. I did one 3 mile run plus lots of walking between the 2 races, hydrated, ate well etc but nothing special. I pb'd in the second race, not so good in the 1st (wasn't feeling 100%).

    Within 30 mins of finishing Leicester I was tucking into a huge sunday roast - recovery at its best!
  • Fair play solid running...Something to aspire to!! These events are hopefully the start of a long running journey and yes hopefully something to enjoy and aim to exceed with times etc in the coming years....

  • 2 in a week will make you strong, find one about 4 weeks later and go smash it! I got VLM, Manchester then Milton Keynes and did Taunton last Sunday! All prep for my Ultra 1st June.

    Fill ya boots Tim and enjoy ya marathons!
  • Run done in 5.12 sadly had two visits to the loo for number 2's which never done before..This cost me a good twenty + minutes with the queue etc but overall happy ish as feel fine at the moment and had a game of footy with my boy in the garden. Time I know is poor but hopefully this will allow me to 1) complete London 2) hopefully get a better time!! Thanks for the advice one and all!! Any other advice on food and drink intake for the week or additional advice on recovery?
  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    Congratulations Tim!

    One word of advice for London - immodium image

  • On my way (walking) to the shop now so will pick some up!! Felt like the scene from dumb and dumber!!
  • Take on plenty of protein until Friday then start carbs little and often, no need to over eat! That may have been the cause of your toilet visits?

    Well done Tim, good luck in London, you can go quicker!
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭

    Tim, I did Brighton and got a pb but will be taking London much slower ('cos I'm doing something very silly!) and just enjoying the atmosphere.  

    You've had all the necessary advice already but I'll just add a bit of my own.  I really wouldn't try immodium out on race day if you've never used it before - as Muzza says, it could well have been your diet or even energy drinks that caused the toilet troubles.  This week you need protein to help repair muscle damage but then later in the week a few more carbs.  

    I won't be doing much during the week as London marks the start of a 111 day running streak that I'm doing so I'll just have a little pootle on Wednesday to stretch my legs but other than that, just walking.  I think walking is excellent for stretching out your legs and getting rid of stiffness.

    I've done marathons on consecutive weekends on several occasions and if an old biddy like me can manage it then I'm sure you'll be fine (but I am a plodder, not a speedy person)!  Good luck and please say hello if you spot me en-route image

    All IMHO before anybody shouts at me!!!

  • Thanks guys and well done Redhead you sound like another pro and well done on your PB!! Only really got into running in the last year or so but loving the freedom to just run and added fitness that it is bringing. Will join a running club soon as well to improve everything I do (hopefully). Race number collected yesterday, Physio seen and now rest, drink and eating!! Good luck one and all for London whatever your ability and don't forget to put on your ribon in respect for Boston!!
  • London done and a truly world class atmosphere from the support which was amazing and relentlessly loud!! Loved it and pleased to complete the two in a week now to join a running club to improve my fitness and times..think this coming Sunday won't be a marathon distance but hopefully a couple of runs this week. Thanks for all the support and advice everyone and proof I do need to train harder however pleased to complete with limited training and 15 mins quicker!!
  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    Well done Tim.


  • Well done Tim!
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