Just awoken from a coma, can I run the VLM?

Hi All,

After winning a place in the VLM ballot last year I thought I'd better start training so I was doing one parkrun a week. At one of these runs I collapsed from exhaustion and slipped into a coma. I awoke two days ago and was delighted to see it was not yet 21st April. So my question is, how do I best make use of the remaining 11 days before the marathon?

Having been in a coma for 6 months I have a little bit of muscle atrophy, but nothing that a couple of jogs wouldn't sort out i'm sure. Are there any gels that would help?

Also, what are the best shoes for a marathon?

Also, did someone say Thatcher was dead?



  • I think its best to scoot along on your hospital bed.

    Cher is dead ? Nobody told me that cher was dead ?
  • A normal training plan is about 12 weeks so you need to treat each day like a week - I presume you are hoping for sub 3 hours?

    So you probably need to go for three or four runs a day and remember you need to build up gradually - no more than 10% increase per day and make sure one of your runs each day is a Long Slow Run building up to probably 20 miles a couple of times around days 8 and 9 and then ease off a little for last two days to allow yourself to peak for the big day.

    I wouldn't bother with gels just eat lots of jelly babies.

    I wouldn't bother with shoes either - barefoot is much better - I read a book about it once!image

    Mrs Thatcher is dead - you don't say in your post what hospital you have been in but if it is north of the Watford Gap then the chances are you may need to bin one of your training days to attend a street party - hopefully it won't be on days 8 or 9 or I just think the whole plan will start to look a little unrealistic and you may have to settle for more like 3 hours 10 mins.

    Hope this helps and let us know how you get on!

    Cheers, Skinny

  • I expect you'll be wanting to know the best plan for your family, including toddlers and doddery granny, to move quickly around London so as to be able to see you go past at least four or five times during the race?

  • I assume you'll be travelling down on the day and starting late?

  • The good news is you still have enough time to carbo load, and it's now time to taper so you don't have to do any running between now and the marathon.  I'd say you've picked the perfect time to awaken.  Simply sit back and eat lots.  You'll be fine.

  • great advice everyone, thanks.

    One more thing, i've not yet regained my sight since the coma, presumably it's still fine to wear my earphones during the race? I'm aiming for sub2 hours, because my friend said that's a good time, so I think i'll be ahead of the pack for most of the race.

  • That will be fine but make sure you take your guide dog training with you for the next 11 days or it won't be able to keep up when you start pulling away from the field.

  • Or maybe you could swap guide dogs at the halfway point?

  • StrayceltStraycelt ✭✭✭

    I pity the poor pacers, they won't get paid if they can't stay ahead of you until halfway.

  • how do you expect me to follow a guide dog when I don't have any hands to hold a leash?

    I don't think you guys are taking me very seriously.

    I don't expect abuse, just because I'm completely clueless about something.

    All i want is someone to tell me what i want to hear!!!!!

  • and don't tell me I can't run marathons just like Usain Bolt and Steve Ovett, just because I've been in a coma. That's just prejudiced!!!!!

    you guys are just oppressing me. I can be whatever I want to be. If I really believe I can win the london marathon then I can!!!!!!

  • Don't tell me - Usain Bolt is your mate and has been giving you training tips based on his in-depth knowledge of marathon running?

  • Assuming you're being serious, I would say you should fake another coma and get someone to push you round.

  • And get him to dress as a clown.

    Hang on - I know a bloke who knows a few shortcuts...........
  • In all seriousness I don't think Steve Ovett ran a marathon - BUT to give you hope he did run 65 minutes for a half marathon off mile training so given that you have done a few parkruns which are three times as far as a mile - you should hit your target with minutes to spare - now all you need is to post a thread as to where to stay in London ahead of the big day and to try and buy an entry for the Edinburgh marathon.

  • Haha! This is brilliant image

  • DeanR7DeanR7 ✭✭✭

    thats not fair, you're just taking a place of someone who hasnt been in a coma & didnt get though the ballot.


  • Yoga or pilates once a week would help.
  • whilst in the coma I'm sure you were fitted up with a nice bag to collect all your waste products.......

    If you keep that fitted then you will not need to waste time at the toilets at the start and on route........and you can have as many gels as you want as it won't have you dashing for the nearest toilet.......

    Paula had to stop for a dump and by not stopping you will be sure to keep at the front....

  • Thinking about this - you'll be best off running barefoot as thats what you've got used to in the hospital bed. Shoes of any kind would be asking for trouble.
  • i still have the cannula attached, so I was planning on just feeding my gels through that, to speed up the delivery.

    I actually have something on until about 11am on the Sunday morning though, so I'm guessing i can just join in from wherever I would have been at that time. I reckon I will be doing 4min miles, based on a 50m sprint I did yesterday, so if the start is at 10am, I'd have been around mile 15 by 11am, so I can just join in there right?


  • Regardless of training I think it's important that you look the part, I would go out and get all new gear for the day... The Expo Marathon will be ideal to pick up some new trainers and socks to run with...

    People may advise you to put vaseline on certain areas to avoid chafing.. I personally would advise against this as you don't want to ruin your nice new clothes!

  • You also need to get a nice greasy breakfast on board before the start - sausages, bacon, eggs, fried bread, black pudding...hash browns optional image

  • screamapillar.i actually did have the full cocked breakfast with extras and fruit  and yougurt be fore london last yearimage

  • seren nos wrote (see)

    screamapillar.i actually did have the full cocked breakfast with extras and fruit  and yougurt be fore london last yearimage


    I hope there were no bones in it.

  • does cocking make you gag then David

  • I have a friend who could have been a Kona qualifier based on a cycle round the local park he once did.  Cycling round the park, he fell off his bike into the park pond and while he was swimming to the edge to climb back out some local yobs nicked his bike.  Anyway, without his bike, he had to run home.

    Luckily, his Garmin had timed it all and so he was able to calculate that his overall triathlon time would have been only 2 seconds outside the world record.

    Anyway, he's coming over from Japan to visit me and we're going to run an ultra-marathon together, but if he's got time I can ask him to knock you up a training plan if you want?

  • SteadyCJSteadyCJ ✭✭✭

    This is the best thread of the year so far. Keep up the info.

    By the way, what should I plan to do for recovery?

  • Its only 26 miles - a lot of people run ultras that are a lot further - with eleven days training under your belt you should be fine - a couple of quick stretches of your quads once over the finish line and you will be ready for another go!

    Beer and wine are also great for rehydrating - water is massively overrated as it doesn't contain any hops that help put the spring back in your step.

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