Looking for some advice on which trainers to buy...

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As the Thread Title suggests i'm in the market for some new shoes. I have had Peroneal Tendonitis for over 8 weeks now. The doctor recommended rest for 6 weeks. I managed 5 before I went back out. Within 2 weeks the pain is back. I have major pain on the mid outside of the left foot, after doing 5miles last night, and this morning I also noticed a slight ache in the same position on the right foot. 

Currently I am using some Reebok Zigtech shoes, and after talking with someone at DW Sports after having my gait analysis, I realise now they are definitely not running shoes!

Anyhow, the lady that did the test said I mildly over pronate, and the guy she got to double check the results said I am more of a neutral runner (straight legged, no roll).

They recommended me getting some shoes that have a bit of cushioning, such as the Adidas Boost @ £105.

I realise now from the comments from the shop assistants regarding Reebok Zigtech that I have no clue what shoes I should be wearing, therefore need some advice. Not bothered about price, but obviously under £100 would be preferable! Would also be good to get some advice from someone who has had Peroneal Tendonitis as to what shoes to get.


Many thanks in advance,



  • If you want neutral shoes with a bit of bounce/squidge/give, there are literally hundreds of models to choose from.  If you don't want to pay £100, tell them.  They will have others, you can try them all and buy the ones you like.

  • Not sure about the Boost, quite expensive and maybe not best to jump in with a revolutionary shoe if it is your first proper buy. I would advise any neutral cushioned shoe such as Asics Gel Kinsei/Nimbus and Mizuno Wave Rider but yes there are plenty around

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