footwear advice?

currently running in freerun +3, but looking at something different now, maybe more minimal?

any recommendations or quibbles with going minimal?

what are the best? heard good things of Newton!


  • I am a barefoot runner so can recommend many good shoes that I have tested and run in myself but would be careful about transition. Look at Inov8 range, they have an arrow system where there more arrows there more cushioned shoes, zero are minimalistic although their xbare range has given me foot pain and find the sole not very flexible. Best fully barefoot shoes are New Balance Minimus trail and road versions (I run in trail, did not test road one as I run mainly trail), you can get them for £50.00 in Millet Sports, highly recommended and of course Vibram Five Fingers but you really need a good running technique for those.

  • i've noticed the New Balance Minimum HiREZ in sports direct, but didn't try them on, because they were rushing us because it was due to close, liked the look of those as well, i run alot barefoot on grass, if that would make the transition any easier?

  • Look at New Balance range on their official uk website. I run in Minimus Trail WT00 which is a zero drop shoe, fully minimalistic and wonderfully flexible, each shoe weighing only 100grams. But they also introduced a new shoe, Minimus 1010 Trail which has a 4mm drop so it would make transition easier, it's not so hard on the calves.

    Link here:,en_GB,pd.html?dwvar_WT1010_color=Blue_with_Green&start=21&cgid=201000

    I would be really careful about going more minimal, technique is sooooo important, it took me a good 6 months of training weekly with my coach to learn it and then run/walk. You can't just go and do a mile forefoot running, you need to practice 1 minute first and then rest and do lots of strength and calf exercises to help condition your calves. Run barefoot  around the house to strengthen your feet and running barefoot on grass is a great idea, but please take it very easy, I say so from experience.

  • I've noticed pain in calves last week, lowered miles to 1m this week and noticed a lesser degree of tightness!
  • Do calf exercises, they should help.
  • I currently do weighted calf raises and one legged raises other days, would I then not have an unbalanced calf to shin, maybe toe raises as well?
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