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My last run was mid Jan and oh boy it was a pianful run due to picking up severe ITB. I have moved county within the last month and i have a doctors appointment later today to request a referal to the physio. Over the last two months i have been using the foam roller,doing stretching exrercises,compression and ice as well as stretching the glutes. 3 months down the line i still experience pain when just trying to walk. The pain shifts from the back of the knee,to the side of the knee,to the qaud and hip.a few days ago i was playing football with my son,ran 3 steps and my leg was severly painful for the rest of the day.

My questiions are as follows:

 - what time frame should i be looking at regarding recovery?

 - is there anything else i can do to speed up the recovery?

I appreciate any help regarding this as i dont go one day without thinking of running and i have been sidelined for almost 3 months now and it is getting me down!



  • Hi Dan

    I'm afraid I have no answers but I do have sympathy as I'm in exactly the same boat. I had ITB back end of last year on my left side. Manifested as pain in side of knee while running and severly after. I had two treatments of acupuncture and it was fixed!! Totally pain free running.

    I then got it on the right knee and had 3 acupuncture sessions but although improved it didn't disappear. So I went to see a sports injury therapist who has given me strength exercises and stretching and told me to foam roll ALL THE TIME! She is massaging my glutes, quads and knee and says they're all tight. But four weeks into treatment there is very little progress. I can run for about 10-12 minutes and then pain starts.

    I've read a lot on here and elsewhere about recovery time. It seems you can be looking long haul but I also know people who've sorted it for good in 6 weeks.

    My problem is that I'm not seeing any progress despite rehab programme. And coupled with the fact that I got it fixed on left side without any foam rolling/exercises just makes me doubt the whole received wisdom about treating ITB.

    I'm dealing with same time frames as you last pain free run was Jan.

    So not sure what you can take away from this other than maybe try acupuncture? But if you do find anything that works please SHARE!!


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