Belfast City Marathon

I've downloaded the route map and know where the water station are etc but it doesn't show any landmarks. It's nice you use landmarks as a way of chunking the run up into segments and have something to look out for.

Has anyone done this run before and got any advice on things to look out for?


  • Starting point is cit hall which is nice and after a few miles you cross the lagan.

    Between miles 6 and 7 you are passing the shipyards where titanic was built although im not sur eyou will see much.

    At 7 miles (ish) you have the albert clock and TGWU building which is a kind of landmark

    Back through the city centre and ontop the falls road with its educational murals

    Then the gragual incline to the city zoo which you will probably smell rather than see but the views from up ther ecould be nice on a good day.

    downhill through housing and a park to the coast and views across belfast lough.

    Industrial estate to the lagan and then follow the pitcheresque river twards the finnish line.

    The ORmeau bridge has you nearly home although you have to run round the park before you drop down to the finnish line

  • Has a date been set for 2015 yet?


  • Bealtaine/May 4th

  • Plenty to see did this in 2012 and  will defo do a retturn visit 

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