Getting an epic cold during your marathon taper

I hear this is quite common when you back off the pressure. But still frustated that I've been fit and healthy for months then now, the week before, a cold takes over my body so bad that I cannot breathe.

How frustrating.


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    If you're going to get a cold, then better now than 3 weeks ago!

  • Ah - see now I'm thinking better now than in a weeks time.image

    Just really worried about it going to my chest, which already feels like I have a cheese grater stuck in there. Have taken the day off work which is an unheard of thing for me to do.

  • Blooming colds....hampered my training. Can't go for a time this year and off to enjoy the day next Sunday. So infruriating. Even posted on here, was so desperate. Accepted that I've lost fitness and will just start slow and see how things pan out.

    But I have done alot of talking to people and reading about colds. Some of it maybe rubbish but bits might help. I was willing to try anything. Only been doing this for a week, but feel better.

    Eat right...I wasn't bad but could improve hugely.

    So, now I start with hot water & lemon (good to clear chest, as well as help digestion)

    Power salad, actually quite yummy. Quinoa, spinach, grated fresh ginger, chopped garlic, (not a social meal) then add any variety of colours...carrot, pepper, avocado, much colour as you can get in, then the biggy, squeeze loads of fresh lemon.

    I've cut back on unhealthy carbs, less sugary, more of the brown rice/ pasta variety. 

    Upped the vitamin c, by eating more dark green leaves, kiwi, oranges etc rather than vitamin tablets.

    Echinacea drops, loads of rest and sleep. 

    Hoping it will get me through, got another week. Give it a bash, and with the warmer weather coming, hoping these colds will finally go. Be careful after the marathon, immune system will have taking a bashing, and that's when you can get some nasty colds.

    Good luck, don't think and worry about it, it will all be alright on the day (that's what I keep telling myself..Monty python fan and all)    image


  • I had to pull out of Chester last October due to Chest Infection.  I had to make the decision that morning.  I was absolutely devastated.  It was however the right decision as I also suffer with asthma and that evening was very poorly.  My Doctor said I would have ended up in hospital if I had ran.  7 chest infections in 10 months - lovely. 


    Getting a cold again lovely, hope nothing else!!!!


    Listen to your body that's what I was told.


    Good luck xxx

  • I'll be fine ... the crap still coming out of my lungs but will be good on the day. image

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