If you could live anywhere, where would it be?



  • this is a dilemma that me and the missus are going through

    in the next couple of years we hope to have sold our business which is about the only thing that ties us to the area - no kids, no family to speak of to tie us down.

    we've lived in the area for 30 years so know it well and it has many attractions to say, yep, I could carry on living here.

    but, there are many other places we love as well and could quite happily move to Wales (my home turf), the West Country, France (we've owned places there before so am familiar with it from that POV) etc etc.

    so - do we stay, or do we go??  we haven't come to any conclusions on that as we keep changing our ideas.   I think what we might ultimately end up doing is go travelling for a period once we've sold the biz and then decide!!!  coming back to a place you've left a while ago may be an eye opener

  • I love Devon and Dorset.  Parts of Wiltshire aren't bad but it would need to be within easy travelling distance of the sea.

    The Lake district and Cornwall are wonderful places but I woudln't want to live there.  Too many tourists spoiling it.

    I don't know much of the north of England and Scotland so I would like to spend some time there as a comparison to the rest of the country.

    London isn't bad but I wouldn't want to spend my life there.  I'm a country girl and would miss the open spaces.

  • I would never move to America - no proper healthcare system!

    Try Canada, it's only next door image

  • kittenkat wrote (see)
    Johnny again wrote (see)

    Cities are ok to visit. I visit London once or twice a decade, the same as Paris, Barcelona and Amsterdam, but I wouldn't want to live there (well, maybe Barcelona).

    I'm happy living here in rural Shropshire - most people from down London way don't even know where we are.

    Someone asked me in work the other day where my parents live, I said Leomister, they said 'Where's that?' I mentioned Hereford and Worcester, and they still looked confused.

    To be fair, I imagine a lot of people who aren't from London would be confused by 'Herne Hill' or 'Raynes Park'. It's unsurprising, though, that people have heard of London.

  • Leominster felt a bit like London yesterday - major roadworks on the A49 and traffic lights out of action by the Co-op. Virtual standstill and one or two "city driver" types!

    PC. I wouln't expect many londoners to know where Clun, Diddlebury or Stoke St Milborough where, but I would at least expect them to be able to locate the county. (Mind you, even the BBC map people have problems, sometimes)

  • Peter Collins wrote (see)

    If I made comments about places outside London that were of the same tone as the comments people make about London, I'd rightly be shot down. Every place has its good and bad points. Live with it.


    I feel qualified to comment about London - I have lived in it, and I still work in it every day.

    I expect it has good points, if you like expensive, crowded, noisy, grubby places, but personally I can't see them.  

    So I choose to live eslewhere - doesn't mean I can't comment on London.


  • KK - it's only the biz that keeps us here as I said although GWR is actually quite a nice place to live so we could happily stay.   but we do have itchy feet (bar where we were brought up I've lived in Liverpool and Wiltshire, P's also lived in Bristol and London) for something new - it's a question of local or not.

    I've talked about moving back to Wales but I'm not entirely convinced that I do in all honesty as I quite enjoy being a Welsh Exile winding up my English friends - and them vice versa.

    we're kind of "wherever I lay my hat" people - travelling has allowed us to see a lot of the world, and having a motorhome gives us loads of escapes in the UK and Europe, so perhaps we will settle with having a nice base to live in and keep travelling for the fun.

    let's see what happens when we sell the biz - that will allow us freedom to think on what we really want

  • I have lived in and around London for 15 odd years. As A kid I had never even seen the sea image London is great and has amazing amount of opportunities and things to do, I still visit. But I think nowadays London feels like a different country to me. If that makes any sense.

    You are either love cities or you don't. I don't hate cities I love Cardiff and its looking likely I may be moving there soon, also Oxford

  • some people love cities........i hate them........the problem with my cycling club is that its based in cardiff and I hate the first  and last 10/15 mins of each ride

  • if there is one thing I can guarantee KK - I would not move back to Cwmbran.  it was a shithole when I left and in the intervening 40+ years hasn't done anything to tempt me back permanently.  if I go back to Wales it will be somewhere a damn sight more attractive than Cwmbran!!  

  • Cornwall or the Dordogne (just getting details now). You get shed loads more for your money in France

  • groovy wrote (see)

    Cornwall or the Dordogne (just getting details now). You get shed loads more for your money in France

    you used to get shedloads more a few years ago.....  image

  • Love living in a small village in the heart of Lancashire.

    Seaside is 10 miles to the west (and much of it is lovely with the obvious expection of Blackpool), west pennines and yorkshire dales on the east and lakes only 60 minutes away on the M6. Manchester and Liverpool nearby if you want a trip to a city.

    The other half is from Shropshire and can see the attraction of living there.

  • PG3PG3 ✭✭✭
    Peter Collins wrote (see)

    If I made comments about places outside London that were of the same tone as the comments people make about London, I'd rightly be shot down. Every place has its good and bad points. Live with it.

    Tell me about it.  If i said xx place was a sh*t hole, people would go mental.

    I have a very happy life in London so it's can't be that bad!

  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    I live in Devon and I'm about 10 miles from Dartmoor and 5 miles from the sea. I like it here, but personally I'd love to live in London but know I couldn't afford it. Well, I could but I would be out in Zone 5 or something which isn't what I'd want. Instead of living there, we visit regularly which I appreciate isn't the same. Obviously it's busy but the things going on in London outweigh the negatives in my view.

    Other than that, I'd quite like somewhere like Lucerne or Annecy.
  • Italy. What's not to love about it.
  • Dubai is pretty good, no intentions of returning to the UK any time soon!
  • Lived in Dubai, Hyderabad, Johannesburg and London. London has the worst weather but overall best of everything, which is why I came back image

    City by choice. Countryside is lovely and all that but I have to have good coffee.

    Somewhere like Vicenza in Italy would be next though, if I could afford a second home. Best breakfast pastries ever....
  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭
    Lake District. Although being from lancashire I'm half an hour from Manchester, an hour from Liverpool and Leeds, 40 minutes from the Lake District and 5 minutes from the Pennines.

    Love London, New York and Las Vegas though. If I had to pick a big city it would be London.
  • Never been to Cornwall. It's on my list to see.

    I'd pick Scottish Highlands. It's just the raw beauty that I love up there. 

    I would love any mountain area. Norway would be amazing too especially for it being always voted for the top 5 countries to live in  no matter what the  category. But I've never been to Norway. I've been to Scotland and at the moment, it is Scotland that is calling me. Shame threre aren't any jobs in the highlands. Edinburgh would do just fine too. image

  • OR near the great lakes in the states!

  • KK FB ... come to North Wales ... we have RHYL !!!!!

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