If you could live anywhere, where would it be?



  • If in this country, somewhere up on the North Yorkshire Moors - perhaps near Egremont/Goathland

    Lake District? - it'd have to be St John in the Vale, Threlkeld, or Mungrisedale

    If within my home county (West Yorkshire) Otley, or Ilkley!!!!

    Then again, I'd also like to live in a Dick Strawbridge & family style, with freshwater springs, water-wheels & wind-turbines for free energy

    Doe anyone anyone remembers his It's Not Easy Being Green series?? (the first one, where they worked on the farm to convert it all to sustainable sources?)

  • Otley's great, as is Ilkley. We are considering moving out that way but I'm not sure I really want to move out of the Big City yet.
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