After a frantic couple of days, we are now taking orders for long and short short sleeved micropore vestops on the URWFRC website (Click Here - I love doing that!). All the details you should need are on the website, so PLEASE READ IT ALL CAREFULLY before referring any specific queries back to me or to Wasp.

Information regarding sizes and minimum orders, etc. is on the site. As for the question you'll all want to know the answer to (ie. "Will I get it for X race?"), I quite simply cannot say so please refrain from asking about this too much. I know you will all be anxious about this and I sympathise, but please believe me, it really is impossible to know with any accuracy when the order will (a) be up to minimum and (b) when we get them back from Wasp. My best advice is to get on the site and order one and send me the cheque. If everyone does this, the order will reach the minimum a whole lot quicker. I will keep you updated as best I can on how the orders are progressing.

Unfortunately, I don't have the time to answer every single query I get about kit. All the info I can give you is generally on the website, so if you come back to me and ask me something that I know is on there, I will simply refer you the URL! I'm not being rude or unapproachable, but I am simply too busy (with other club and kit stuff and a F/T job) to be repeating myself I'm afraid. If you have a genuine enquiry, then by all means please contact me.

Thanks for your understanding.



  • hate to tell you PB I got there first!!!
  • What have you ordered PB
  • PB, yep, I'm afraid you'll have to be earlier than that to beat SB!
  • Remember, you can still order the sleeveless running vests and T-shirts as well.
  • Well done DW! Next time I see you I'll definitley buy you a drink. Or perhaps we can crack open my rioja in a sack
  • Snicks, that might be a pint of the black stuff then? Or are you going to be at Tring next week? If so, yes, bring the rioja!

  • To anyone but Dog Walker (because he is so busy)

    I've gone on the website to order a long sleeved vesttop but all I get is "Order vest" and no information.

    What am I doing wrong ?

    Dog Walker, thank you very much for organising this. Apologies for my terminal stupidity...:o{
  • That's a bit strange. There should be an option for 'Sleeved Vests' off the menu. Try refreshing the page.
  • Hi DW, just submitted my order for a short sleeved std vest, will put cheque in post tomorrow.
    Cheers, Gaz......
  • DW or anyone else who can help,

    DWs address says "Aston Clifton"
    Royal Mail says its "Aston Clinton"
    which is right ?

    dont want my cheque going adrift

  • DW - I've ordered mine today, will I get it in time for..... only joking!!!

    many thanks for doing this.
  • Gaz,

    Good spot mate! Aston Clinton is correct.
    I'll ask SB to change it on Monday.

  • DW,

    No probs glad to be of help

    Sent you an email you can ignore it now,

    Cheers, Gaz......
  • Excellent work DW - I'm off to place my order.
  • Thanks DW

    Refreshed the page and got it finally and I've placed my order. Cheque's in the post.

    Thanks for being Kit Sec - I'd prefer to have my eyeballs extracted slowly and rats to eat my toes rather than do that so I'm grateful to you.
  • up we go
  • boing
  • Hi DW - Sorry to be dippy, but what is going on in Tring next week? I live in Dunstable, so don't want to miss anything local!!

    BTW - think organising of shirts etc is great - especially if you are that busy.....! :-)
  • Hi Stumpy.

    Sunday 13th October is the Ridgeway Run organised by Tring Running Club. It is 15K and is a mostly off road course. If you go to the Events forum, you will find a fairly established thread going about it.

    There are a few of us doing it I think - would be good to see you there in any capacity.

    Click Here for more details on the run itself.


  • Ah - think 15K is a bit much for me at the moment DW, but I might very well come along and watch - is that allowed if I promise not to shout anything even vaguely annoying? (I will check my etiquette on the other threads before hand, obviously).

    How do you all manage to keep up to date on all the threads and hold down full time jobs? I spend a fair bit of time on the fourm each day, and STILL seem to miss stuff! Doh!
  • Stumpy,

    Of course you're welcome to come along and support us suckers taking the course on! I dare say they'll be a post-mortem beer somewhere afterwards so come and join us for that if nothing else.

    You may well ask how I hold down my job - I am constantly wondering the same thing these days! Not good, but there you go.

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