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I used to be a regular runner (25-30 miles per week) after losing a lot of weight in 2007. Then I had a baby and put on a LOT of weight over the next four years and got out of the habit of running because of a difficult pregnancy. Fast forward to Jan 2013 and my husband persuaded me to join a Bootcamp with him. We now go three times a week and do a mixture or cardio, strength and conditioning/boxing circuits. I've found I tough but it's helped me lose nearly two stones and my fitness has improved. I have been trying to start running again on top of this but I've been plagued with niggly knees (despite new trainers) and I just seem to start running and then talk myself into stopping after two or three minutes. I can't even manage a mile at the moment. I've tried C25K in the past but it bores me senseless. I'm finding it really de-motivating how much I'm struggling with it all (I'm not the most patient person - can you tell?) on the other had, hubby who has always been a couch potato decided to go out running three weeks ago and now can do six mile runs!!! Any suggestions do getting myself our of this mental negative hump???


  • I have a friend who is in the same boat as you kate!

    i told her the same thing, just try getting into it slowly. try the run/walk strategy if its too hard to hold a pace.

    dare i say it but is your diet o.k? ive heard somewhere that pregnant or just given, are more likely to develop iron deficiency? just a thought though!

  • Try a parkrun, it is motivating. 5K on a Saturday morning at 9am. It's free and for all abilities. You and your husband can run alternative weeks and if your not running voluteer to be a marshall. / look after the baby. There are lots of family groups at parkruns.


    details here

  • Hope you manage to get out of your rut but as others have said maybe just going gently and building up. Even if youre walking its still excercise image


  • Got up this morning whilst everyone else was still in bed and did C25K week 4.1. Had much better run and felt more manageable than betting myself up for not being able to run a mile yet. I think C25K may be the way forward for me!
  • yay! Working for me too...much less daunting and helps build confidence as well as stamina! Well done!

  • I know this sounds a bit of a strange way to boost your motivation, but I find good exercise clothing really helps! 

    Bit of a back story I lost 6.5 over 2 years and to motivate me at first of course was the weight loss but also wearing good sportswear.I have recently discovered Fittamamma clothes. They are inteneded as maternity wear, but the supportive tops are brilliant for holding everything in, i have a saggy tummy, and making you feel much better and more confident about yourself! 

    It may seem shallow to some people, but belive me i am no stranger to sweating it out in the gym I just like good supportive gym wear!

    I highly recommend you try it, it may encourage you more? 

    This is their website if you feel like looking image

  • Good thinking; Im going to give compression shorts a go as my tummy bounces and bruises on occasion.

  • I love the new kit idea as it is so true. I think some of my best runs have been when I have been trying out some new GPS watch or a new pair fo trainers. Its almost a pitty every new run doesnt start with a trip to the running shop...although probably better for my credit card! 

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