Run or defer London ?

Trying to decide whether to run or defer London place. I wasn't on for PB but still thought from training runs I'd get round in 3:45. Ran last long run 23 miles well on Sun 31st march but came down with fever and cold few days after so not run just rested since. Feeling 80% now hoping be 100% in few days. Do I still run or having taken taper to extreme and done nothing should I defer ? Thoughts please, thanks.


  • I think I'd try some relatively short runs and see how recovered you are - if they feel like wading through concrete then defer. If you're recovered I don't think the extreme taper will be a big issue but if you're still feeling like it's hard work running 4 miles then 26.2 is a non-starter image

  • Run.
  • run run as fast as you can.

  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭

    I agree with the bear.  Give it a couple of days and go for a test jog.  Actually, you'll probably feel sluggish either way but unless it really does feel like a struggle you should probably go for it.  You certainly won't have lost any real fitness in that time.  It's bound to have knocked your confidence, so to get you back on track I recommend you read about the Zatopek Effect.  Basically, the rest could have done you good.  Call it an "aggressive" taper.

  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    As Bear & Phil said, have a test by having a COUPLE of short runs and see how you feel.  

    The only thing I'd add is that if I've had more than a week off then the first run back feels much harder than normal, but the second run a couple of days later is much better.  So don't be too disheartened if the first run feels difficult, just relax and try another run two days later and see how that goes.  You can defer up unitl next Saturday, so don't rush into it.

  • 31st was perfect timing for your last long run.

    I entirely agree with stutyr and the others. 

    Good luck.

  • Could I jump in with a similar query?

    Re run or not for VLM, not sure what to do...

    Training good up until 22nd March (21 miles done on 16th) on target for sub 3h 45

    But in last month, 2 bouts of nasty cold going to bronchitis (off running 23rd -29th March) and then this week another cold (with cough)-no running 8th-11th April. In between bouts of illness managed 15 miles as longer run and rest of weeks training and today managed 8 miles (ok, but legs certainly not springy)

    Do you think 11 days off in the last month is too much and too long ago since last very long run so should defer?

    Thanks for any advice

  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    Feet in the clouds, its a simialr situation for you as the last three weeks prior to the marathon aren't about improving performance but preserving energy.  So your fitness should be fine.

    However, it sounds like your immune system wasn't fully recovered from your first cold, hence the second cold.  If I was in your position, I'd be taking it very easy for the next week and taking the Vitamin C to try and ward anything off.  

    If you get any coughing in the next week, then I'd defer as its not worth the risk.  I ran a HM last autumn after thinking I'd recovered from a chest cold about five days prior to the event.  Long story short, I hadn't and I really struggled from about mile 10, which wasn't good in a half but would be impossible in a full marathon distance. 

  • Similar experience last year when I picked up a virus abroad, and couldn't keep anything down for days on end. At the time I was also resting an injury, so the taper period was pretty much zero running. Recovering from illness (and a fair few Kg lighter), I decided to run with about three days to go, so hit the carb loading big time. I had trained for sub 3 at Leicester. By about mile 10 I was drained. I really felt the after effects of illness . I missed the time by about 4 mins. Gutted

    Where its viral / illness you need to be honest with yourself as to your recovery and/or target. I should have been happy with the result given the circumstances.

    I was too wrapped up in the target, and having family at Leicester . I actually had another Marathon booked in the week after as a backstop. Yes - I should have defered and given it another week recovery. I felt a lot better that second week and decided to run the second marathon just to see what would happen. I hit my target that time. It raises the question, what could I have achieved with a further weeks rest, without hammering my body with a hard marathon. Next time I will be more hoest with myself on recovery - it's a hard way to learn.
  • Thankyou. Pleased I'm not mad to be thinking of running. I tried easy few miles felt ok so ran 5 miles tonight. Will rest tomorrow then run a couple of short runs in week and decide near end of week but feeling much more hopeful. image

  • Thanks also to stutyr and also-ran.

    Good luck Sian with this week and Sunday if you decide to race

  • Sian and feet in the clouds - I have exactly the same thing, fine for my last long run of 20m (aiming for a 3h45m marathon) on the 30th then got a nasty chesty cough. Had and a week and a half off and then a couple of short runs then 10m yesterday, the 10m absolutely killed me. I couldn't seem to catch my breath.

    I went to a drop in GP yesterday and they prescribed me steroids and antibiotics for a viral infection.

    Fingers crossed it will go in time!

    Will try a couple of short runs this week, but trying to avoid the inevitable!
  • Thankyou for help. I decided to run for fun and not for a time. I relaxed and enjoyed the day , soaked up the atmosphere and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Felt very comfortable throughout running a steady easy pace and finished with a smile in 3:53.

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