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As newby runner and dyslexic with it am trying to understand the lingo! Ive got a basic nike+ which gives me average pace starts but unsure how to "get" this. Am I right in thinking that if the pace is higher that is the better stat? Ie last week I did 20.17, 23.41 and 21.27...the middle run being the most productive? or not?!! Would be grateful for some advice on this to help my addled brain!



  • That doesn't look like a pace.  Pace is the number of minutes and seconds it takes you to run a mile (or kilometer).

    The lower the number, the faster you are running.

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    If you run 4 miles in an hour (60 minutes) your pace is 15 minutes per mile. (60/4 = 15 giving you the 15 minutes per mile in this example).

    The total time your running divided by the amount of miles you have covered willl give you your pace.

    So you need to know the distance and the time to calculate your pace.  If the three times above were the total time for the three runs, then you need to see how far your ran each time.  If the three runs were all the same distance and the times you listed above were the total times for each run then the 20.17 would be the "best" of the three.


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    For Pace you also want to be lower so a pace of 10 minutes per mile is better than a pace off 20 minutes per mile.

    As a 10 minute mile means your going 6 miles per hour, but 20 minute pace per mile means you are going 3 miles per hour.

  • Thanks all. Have gone simple and will just log mileage and time for now and work pace out later; especially after realising that I would take 12 hours + to do a marathon lol!!


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    I saw this on another thread...  Screamapillar linked to it.




    Fourth section down is a pace section just put in distance and time and hey presto image



  • aww thanks booktrunk...will have a looky when brain mildly functioning (ie not Fri eve lol!!).


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    Have fun image

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