I have the perfect in-laws

they just turn up, have a cup of tea, leave a selection of regional ales and/or bottle of malt whisky, then go.

they also have a brilliant dog.

they also have no interest in me as a person, or my life.

brilliant. what are your in-laws like?


  • Brilliant too. My mother-in-law and I have similar tastes in most things, including politics. I can happily spend hours in their company, even if Mr Chloella has gotten bored and gone to watch telly in another room.

    Like yours they always have some kind of gifts to hand over and she is a brilliant cook.

    No dog though, which is a major failing. I always drop hints when we visit.
  • i don't speak to mine  - bit awkward for my husband i guess  - long story  - life is better for me without them in mine  - kids see them  - means i get lots of time on regular intervals when  my husband goes there for dinner  - bonus for me 

  • my mother in law is very quiet and deaf and so is hard to have converstaions with....she is a lot older than me and we don't have anything in common.......

    But she has never interrferred with my bringing up of the kids and never argued or been nasty ever to me and so i am very many people get hassle......

    my brothers and sisters in law are a mixed bag...but my one great neice is lovely and we have 9 great nieces and nephews form my hubbies side so thats a nice thing


    On the other hand i have a brilliant relationship with my mother who i adore

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    11,000 miles away

  • i actually moved her to 40 metres up the road from me last year RicF...

    I think its wonderful and my OH doesn't seem to mind eitherimage

  • My in-laws are lovely - but they drive me bloody barmy!

  • at which point do you stop trying to impress them/make them happy and just carry on with your life?

  • from the first yourself image


  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    For much of my marriage I got on perfectly well with my M-in-L who did, to be fair, live a couple of thousand miles away. After the divorce I maintained basic contact (occasional chat by phone, birthday and crimble cards etc). But then she became a 7th Day Adventist and took to ramming the bible down my throat all the time so I cut her off. Muttley Jnr did likewise so she's gained a bunch of God-bothering friends but lost her grandchild. Pity.

  • my mother-in-law is also an EXCELLENT cook. like amazing.

    i should make clear that they aren't actually my in-laws, as we live in sin.

  • Outlaws then.
  • Never met mine as my husband does not speak to his mother!
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